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38 weeks possibly breech.

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I am having a UC and am thinking baby is breech. How can i tell for sure? (and please do not recommend spinningbabies.com because they totally lost meblush.gif) Maybe there is someone who has had a breech that can tell me how it feels?

Up until about 3 weeks ago I felt kicks at the top of my uterus, you could see the movements all on top. Now i feel nothing on top and every kick is very low and deep in my uterus, and they HURT. They are very strong kicks and movements that double me over sometimes. Also I feel a round hard bulge just above my belly button (well, what was once my belly button) and to the left a little. I remember with my other pregnancies feeling that hard head deep in my pubic bone, which i don't feel now. So I am pretty sure its breech or in a tranverse lie. I am not too worried about having a breech UC but if baby transverse will it turn? Also I would like to know how much more difficult breech delivery is. I intend to waterbirth which I hear is better for breech delivery. But do you think it still has time to turn head down with 2 weeks left? is there anything i can do to help it turn? thanks.

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It's possible for a baby in any position to turn up to & even during labour, but if a baby is transverse & doesn't turn, the only way it will come out is cesarean.


Google leoplold's maneuver for some more ideas to tell position. There's some videos too. You can do it on yourself or ask someone else to help you.

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I had a breech birth almost two years ago at home. It was a short labor (10hrs) compared to my first (44hrs). We didn't know he was breech until I started pushing. I still felt lots of movement in my ribs which turns out, were hands :*) And lots of movement down low, which turns out were feet! I did carry really high. I did not do a UC completely as I have a friend who use to be a MW attending but she didn't know he was breech either. Without an ultrasound, it would have been extremely hard to tell. Not so in your case, maybe! I am not sure. It's pretty easy to confuse parts with hands/feet, head/bottom/ etc... Anywho, my labor was intense but nothing compared to my first. The birth was super hard. For me, it just was. I knew once we found him to be breech that I had a time frame to push him out and at that point, I wanted him out fast anyway because of the pressure. From the time my water broke while pushing, it took him 10 minutes to be born. I did a land birth and it was completely hands off. That is to not stimulate breathing because that's where complications arise. He had cork wrapped twice around his neck but a super long cord and was totally fine. In fact, he was born asleep so we had to rub him to wake him up. His color was good, but he was a little blue in tint because he hadn't breathed yet. His head was perfectly round! The only other thing was his left foot was clubbed because of being a complete breech. But it fixed itself once he started walking. He's a super flexible child but he's amazing and I wouldn't hesitate to deliver a breech again. I don't even know if I want to know either way! I do know you can encourage them to turn by playing music with headphones low on your belly and using light low too...it's suppose to draw them closer to hear and see. I also know being on your hands and knees in pregnancy can cause them to flip around and doing some yoga. You could try a chiropractor. I did almost all of that and still had a breech baby. Some babies just like that position! Hope this encourages you. I can say that had I not just let it all go during labor and channeled my inner amazon woman, I may not have been able to do it. I remember thinking I left my body while pushing and I was watching myself from the outside because it was just so out of character for me to behave in the way I did but it was necessary to achieve the birth! Just allow your body to do what it needs to in order to deliver your baby!

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How to tell if baby is breech: Palpate your baby. You should be able to feel both ends of the baby. Hold both ends of baby (obviously one end is the head the other is the bottom) wiggle one end at a time. One end should wiggle and be the only part that moves, this is the head. The other end should wiggle and you should feel most of the baby move, this is the bottom.

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40 weeks+1 day today. baby was definitly breech but has turned now. phew. thanks for the info. now just waiting for contractions!

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lots of great info here! Your birth sounds intense, Jkseawell. Thanks for sharing!

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The best way I've found to determine position is to use my fetoscope. Knowing what quadrant the hb is in gives a great idea of where babys head is. Glad its, not necessary anymore though...yay baby!! ELV's!!!
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I was always able to feel the top of my babies' heads inside my vagina and actually feel the suture lines on their skulls so there was no question about their position.  Using a fetoscope can be tricky and inaccurate.  I would feel for the hard, bony head seated down in your pelvis.  If it's not there, the baby is not engaged yet or it's might be breech/transverse.

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Generally, you can tell position just on palpating but I have a retroverted uterus and it's also oddly shaped so determining position is difficult for the most skilled attendants in my case. With my second, what we thought was suture lines was tailbone, toes were fingers, cord was sctorum/penis. It was a crazy thing. He was just so squished and wobbly in there. We thought maybe it was head up top but then would feel foot-like movement and go back thinking he was just really high. Which he was. He never engaged into my pelvis until I was pushing and my water broke.


For the most part, birth is pretty textbook, but when it's not, it's surprising!!!

Great news at 28.3 weeks, baby is head down! WooHoo!!! Hopefully he stays there!

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jkseawell! i just noticed you are in Sanford nc! we are in fayetteville! nice to know there are like-minded people around! :) looks like our babies are close in age too. My boys are 4 and 3. it would be nice to have a play date sometime. smile.gif

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