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I drank RLT through both of my pregnancies, and I am drinking it now, along with nettle tea (tones the uterus, strengthens the kidneys and adrenals, and has high mineral and chlorophyll content according to Susun Weed). RLT also tones the uterus and is high in calcium. Joy Gardner (wrote Helaing yourself during pregnancy) calls RLT "a universal remedy for easing childbirth" and says that even pregnant cats will stop to nibble raspberry leaves!!ed clover tea is to be the single most useful herb for establishing fertility, but I don't tolerate it well for some reason.

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You might want to do a little bit of research on the raspberry leaf tea -- my understanding is that it can cause uterine contractions and should only be consumed near the end of pregnancy because it can induce labor.


Of course I just read another thing that said it is safe to take throughout pregnancy.  It seems like there is a lot of conflicting information out there, so like I said, I'd read up on it.  Then again, maybe you already did! thumb.gif

I read the "supplement facts" on the manufacturer's website, and it suggested that it would be fine during pregnancy (but not endorsed by the FDA, as herbals often are not). I remember that I did drink it when I was pregnant with DD #1, but I can't remember how late in the pregnancy I started it.

It is true that the internet is a mess of conflicting information, though!! It's maddening sometimes!


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I choose not to take any supplements, and instead I focus on whole foods, both plant and animal, rich in folate, Omega 3s, and so on. There is a difference between folate and folic acid (synthetic folate) that is significant for some people, so you might want to look into it and see whether your prenatal is meeting your needs.

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