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It really depends on what you already have that you might be able to reuse.  I'm not registering for anything because I had a huge shower for DS and he is only 15 mos and I'm having another boy so there's really not that much I need.  I do want to get a double stroller and a good baby carrier but I'll probably go buy that myself.  Is the stuff you have gender neutral or all pink?  

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I have a registry, but we will probably only get gifts from grandparents since this is our second.  DS is almost 6, and we didn't think we were having a second for a few years, so we have almost NO baby stuff, unfortunately.


The good thing about it is that having gone through this before, we know what we actually need.  I still have my manual breast pump and some storage bags (I work from home, so I won't need anything more).  We have a moses basket (which actually gets used for baby very little...more of a cute diaper storage basket lol), a convertible car seat (we will be car-free very shortly, so we'll probably just skip the baby bucket), a couple pairs of baby legs, a really worn ergo, an umbrella stroller (won't really work until the baby's older, but I will just wear her when she's tiny), and a friend gave us a few clothing items.


I registered for

-A boppy pillow (but now it's off because I found one in a free box last week...score!)

-A boppy pillow cover


     a dozen infant prefolds, 4 assorted covers, cloth wipes, wet bags


     sleep gowns, side-snap shirts/onesies, some long-sleeved shirts, footed pants

-receiving blankets

-hooded towels and baby washcloths

-a moby wrap

-breast pads and soothies

-a newborn toiletries kit 

-some body care products:  California Baby super sensitive body wash/shampoo, burts bees diaper balm, unscented baby massage oil, calendula cream

-a diaper bag (backpack)


I'm knitting lots of socks, hats, sweaters, and longies.  We also plan to get a bouncy chair at the consignment store down the street.  We will probably end using the consignment store to get most of the stuff on the registry, clothes especially.



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Here's my registry for our second-


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