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Birth Story of Clara Jane – VBAC pitocin induction -- Very long winded!

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Birth Story of Clara Jane Lee Assam – VBAC pitocin induction

Born: August 16th, 2011 at 12:13pm, Bromenn Hospital

8lbs 8oz and 19” long


On Monday morning I went to the doctor’s for another NST, everything was fine with baby girl, but I was 42 weeks + 3 days according to the doc (41 weeks + 5 days according to me).  The doc came in and told us that the high risk OB was back in town and that I had an appt. at 3pm to have laminaria tents (seaweed sticks) inserted and to have my induction.  I was very relieved to hear this since I have been dealing with ‘dead baby talks’ and avoiding a c-section for weeks now.  When I went to the high risk OB’s office I found out that I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  He did a BPP and told me the baby was about 8lbs 3oz. 

We came to the hospital at 10pm on Monday night and the laminaria was removed to only find out that I was 1.5 cm dilated and 70% effaced.   Three different people tried to put in my heplock and finally I was administered the pit shortly after 1am, and began having regular contractions pretty quickly.  They increased the pit by 1 every half an hour, which is a very slow induction.   I was pretty much strapped to the bed with all the monitors, IV’s, and blood pressure cuff that went off every 15 min., which made labor miserable.    I was pretty tired from not having much sleep, and knew that I would need my energy if I was going to get this baby out.   So I had the epidural sometime after 4am when I was only 2cm dilated.  I was tolerating the contractions fairly well, but I know that I would have done much better had I been able to move around or labor in a pool at home like I was planning.   The doc came in at 6:45am and broke my water when I was 3cm dilated and 90% effaced.  I was not happy about having my water broke because I was afraid of being put on the clock, risk of infection, baby distress, and the intrauterine monitor.  Though, after that I began dilating rather quickly! I began to feel the baby pushing down with contractions.  I was 8 cm dilated at 10:45am, and was told that I only had a little bit of cervix left on my right side, so I laid on my right side to get it to dissipate.  The epidural never really worked 100%, but I was fine with that because I wanted to be able to feel the baby come down to help with pushing.  Next thing I knew I was fully dilated and ready to push!  I pushed for 40+ min., but I the whole time I never really thought that I was doing a good job because of the coaching that I was getting.   I knew she was coming down, but I didn’t think that she was going to come out anytime soon.  I kept saying that I hated that position and I wanted to change, because I knew that I could do better if I wasn’t on my back.  Next thing I know, I feel the baby ready to come out and the nurse tells me to stop pushing and runs out to call the doctor!  I was so mad, saying that wasn’t very nice of her. Right when I’m ready to get this baby out and it’s hurting like hell she tells me not to push!  The doctor came in, and the baby was crowning with the next push.  I was screaming because I could tell that I was tearing up towards my urethra.   Next thing I know she was out and on my chest!  It was a little shocking to say the least.  I didn’t cry and was perfectly calm talking to my new baby girl.  Daddy was able to cut the cord.  I ended up with a 2nd degree tear and a tear up towards my urethra.  Since I wasn’t numb I felt the doctor stitching me up and that wasn’t very nice either!  


I’m still a little bit in shock and can’t believe that I got my VBAC!  I fought so hard for it and put up with so much stress the last three plus weeks of my pregnancy.  Then I went into the induction knowing that it might not turn out the way I wanted it to, and then doubting whether or not I could get the baby out.  But, we did it!  I’m very happy with how everything turned out and glad to have a new baby girl!


The Back Story:

At 39 weeks + 6 days I found out that my baby was breech.  I was angry with the doc, because I knew that she had been in that position for at least two weeks, but he had told me that her head was down and so I believed that her butt was her head and her head was her butt.  It made sense though because I was getting some pretty strong kicks to the cervix, which I thought maybe were hands.  I was devastated, and at one point was wishing that the last nine months didn’t happen.  When the ultrasound tech verified that she was breech, the first thing out of her mouth was “Oh, it’s a section”.  I was so pissed!  I pretty much lost it in the dr’s office and cried hysterically for a long time.  When I tried to explain to the dr. how traumatized I was from my last c/s and how it took me a long time to heal, the u/s tech said “well you’ll just have one baby this time”.  She thought I meant heal physically, but I meant emotionally... and no, I would have three babies, not one!  Of course she has never had any children so she has no idea what it’s like being on that ultrasound table and how insensitive her comments were.   I told the doctor that I didn’t want to be pressured into a c/s. I left the office and went straight to the chiropractor’s office to begin the Webster technique.  I went home and because I had been crying so hard I got a migraine, and threw up the rest of the day.  I wasn’t able to get comfortable or sleep much at all.   So that same day I called the high risk OB to get a second opinion, and to find out if he would deliver a breech VBAC. Starting Saturday morning, I did everything in my power to get this baby to flip.  I went back to the chiropractor, bought some moxibustion which I started that night.  I was taking a homeopath called pulsatilla, doing the ‘hot and cold’ treat, and praying like crazy while asking everyone else to do the same! I did pelvic lifts instead of inversions, because I didn’t feel like she was stuck in my pelvis and that she had plenty of room in there.  On Sunday I went to get hypnosis.  I went in on Monday morning and the baby was still footling breech, and of course the recommendation was to try a version and if that didn’t work to do a  c/s right after.  The doc wanted me to do it that afternoon, but I refused because I had an appt. with the high risk OB that afternoon.  The high risk OB told me that he would deliver frank breech VBAC, and that he would recommend a version.  At that time the he thought that the baby was 7.5 pounds, that I had plenty of fluid and plenty of room in my uterus since I had carried 12 lbs of baby before.  Overall, I was very impressed with how positive he was.   So, the version was scheduled for Wednesday.  I went home and continued with everything previously mentioned, and even did another hypnosis session.   On Wednesday morning I woke up, and as soon as I stood up I knew that the weight in my uterus felt different and that the baby’s position felt different. I was hopeful, but didn’t want to get my hopes up too high.  We went to the hospital for the version, and I requested an u/s before they started poking and prodding me (you have to be admitted in the hospital to do the version, and it takes place in the OR). Sure enough, she was head down! Praise Jesus!


So, now I just needed labor to begin… 


We had been planning a homebirth from the time that we found out we were pregnant.  I knew that I wanted a VBAC and that my best chances for that were to have an intervention free birth.  Not only that, but all the interruptions of being in a hospital make me crazy.  I fully believed in myself, my body, and my baby.  I had spent a lot of time doing visualization, yoga, and hypnobirthing. 

But alas, Here I was at post dates knowing that as time goes on my placenta is aging.  My doctor had been trying to get me to schedule a c/s since 39 weeks.  At 41 weeks + 3 days, I still had no cervical changes or contractions so I had asked my OB about laminaria tents with a membrane sweep to follow, he was hesitant, but then agreed.  When he called two days later (the night before my next appt.) I knew that he was probably going to back out.  Sure enough, he backed out because he didn’t feel comfortable doing it and the high risk OB was out of town.  I think he probably thought that he could for sure get me to sign up for the c/s at that time.  That same day he had me sign a form saying that I understand that my baby was at risk of death because of post dates and a bunch of other stuff.  I was 41+6 at this point.  I was devastated!  I decided to not sign up for the c/s the following day, but to give myself the weekend and do the NST on Monday morning.  After all, everything pointed to my baby still being healthy and so was I.   Over the weekend, I used cohosh and my breast pump to try to get labor going.  I was crampy all weekend, and did have contractions, but nothing regular.  Finally, Monday morning came and I was still pregnant.  I took my husband to the doctor with me expecting that I would have to make a decision finally whether I was going to sign up for the c/s or try to wait on the High risk OB to make it back into town.  We went in and had another NST which showed the baby was still doing well, and to my relief the dr. gave me the news that the high risk OB was back in town and I had an appt.!

This high risk OB was/is amazing.  You would think that someone like him would be more than happy to cut you open, but he was pro vaginal birth all the way.   No other doctor in this town or the two major cities surrounding me would ever have done a pitocin induced VBAC for the small chance (0.77%) that the uterine scar would rupture.   What he did for me is fairly unheard of!  I am so thankful for this doctor and will be sending him a cake to his office the first chance I get!


In the end, the biggest lesson I would like to give other moms is to trust yourself!  Get educated, and know your facts!  Find someone who will help you, and don’t let doctor’s bully you!





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P.S.  Was I the last July member to give birth?   Aug. 16th

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DDC crashing to say.. OH Carrie! What a story! I am so very proud of you for staying educated and determined in what you felt was right. You are the true embodiment of strong woman! love.gif


How are the boys doing? How are YOU doing? How's Clara doing (LOVE her name!)? Is nursing going ok? Thanks for posting the whole story. I was waiting on tippy toes to find out how everything went! 



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Big congrats! Wonderful story and what a beautiful armful of babes you have there!

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Congrats mama! What an awesome story! SO happy you got your VBAC. Clara is precious! joy.gif

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Good job mama! What a way to "close" the July DDC as the last birth! :) Your kiddos are such cuties!

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What a lovely baby girl you have there!  Congratulations to you on the VBAC, and to your whole family!  Way to go!

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Congratulations Carrie.   We all know this was a long time coming and there was much anticipation surrounding your delivery.  It does pay to be educated and be able to stick to your guns.  So sorry you didn't get the home birth you wanted but it all seemed to work out OK.  Love love love your high risk OB for allowing you to go ahead with the VBAC with pit.  Stories like this melt my heart.

Happy Babymooning!!!!

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ddcc to say you sure make beautiful babies!!! glad you got your vbac, mama. enjoy those sweet ones.

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Congratulations! Just now read your story and I admire your strength! Clara is just beautiful! joy.gif

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Congratulations and great story. You have a beautiful family. I'm glad that things worked out for you.

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