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My oldest son is 6 yrs old and can wear a size 1 or 2(a tad big).  My niece is 8 and wears a women's size 7.

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Flintstone sized! And she's 8! Though it means nothing in regards to her growth. My brother wears size 11s and is only 5'5... on his tippy toes... and that's obviously adding some height!
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dd age 7 wears a 4

ds age 7 wears a 3

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DS is 9 and wears a 6.

DD1 is 7 and wears a 2.

DD2 is 5 and wears a 13.


FWIW, I wear a women's 7.

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wow this blows me away. it looks like for many of you, your feet achieved adult size by 10 (not that its a magic #).


for some reason i believed our feet grow thru the teenage years. but looking back i remember me never changing sizes when i was a teenager. 


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DSD just turned 8 and wears a size 1. In some brands, she can fit in a 13.5 still.

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my son is 2.5 and is a 9 . my daughter is 4.5 and is in a 11.5 - 12 and my 7 yr old is in a 3.

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dsd is 10 and wears a women's 8 to 8-1/2.  She is very tall for her age though and always has been.  Her mom is average height but dad is tall.  Dd i 4.5 and wears a 10/11.  Ds is 1.5 and wears a 6, I think!

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My DD is 11 and wears a 3 or 3 1/2 . DS is 8 and wears a 2 1/2. I wear a women's 6 1/2.


DD will be short, like me. (5ft 1") but DS is taller than a lot of his classmates but I guess his shoe size is smaller than average.



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I wore boys' shoes when I was in elementary school because girls' shoes were too narrow.  I remember wearing a boys' size 6-1/2 when I was in 7th grade.  That is like a women's size 8.  I was 12.  I started puberty around 9/10 years old.  Girls grow up fast, especially in our culture.  Nothing to worry about I would say.  My 7 year old daughter wears a size 2 (girl's).  She was wearing a toddler like 11 last year.

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My 9-year-old dd wears an adult size 6.
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My 7.5yo wears a toddler's size 13.5! But she is not really short--40th% for height and weight.
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DS is 7.5 and wears a 1.5 shoe, mostly because he has wide feet. Dad wears a 14 wide... so I have a feeling this is only the beginning!

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I wear women's size 10.5 (hard to find) mostly.  My feet were size 10 when I was 10.

DD is 13, wearing women's 7 or 7.5.  Her feet stopped here last year.

DD2 is 11, wearing kids' size 4.5.  I'm expecting her feet to get bigger quickly this year.

DS is 7 1/2, and has very short feet--I just bought him 13 1/2.

DD3 is 5, and has tiny feet, wears size 8.5.  Size 9 is too big.  I have a bag full of size 10 little girl shoes waiting for her to grow!  I keep buying shoes...

DD4 is 2 1/2 and has good sized feet--7 1/2 wide.


DH has small feet for a guy; wears about size 8.5 mens (not wide).    I have big feet.  I'm tall-ish, he's average height.  It really makes an odd mix for our kids.

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My son is almost 9 yrs old and wears a size 3.

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This is really interesting.  

My younger foster daughter is right on her sister's heels growth-wise! 


DFD, almost 7, wears size 13

DFD, almost 5, wears size 12

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My 6.5-year-old wears a 13-1.
My 4.5-year-old wears a 11.5.

My 2-year-old wears an 8.5-9.

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