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round ligament pain?

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The last several days or so I've had random, sudden, sharp pain on the side of my abdomen (mostly on the left).  Sometimes it comes on while just sitting, and other times when I roll over in bed in the middle of the night.  It doesn't last very long and it's not like I'm incapacitated by it at all.  It's just new and strange and leaves me wondering what the heck it going on.  Dating US put the baby in my uterus so no concern about ectopic pregnancy.  From my internet sleuthing, I suspect it's round ligament pain, but am not really sure.  Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions?  Oh, and in case it matters, I'm 15w5d...

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That sounds a lot like my round ligament pain.  I didn't know it could happen when I was sitting still (it's been happening all the time while moving since eight weeks for me), but my midwife said that it's from the uterus popping out into the abdomen.

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This sounds exactly like what I'm getting, and my midwife said definitely round ligament pain. Sorry you're in pain.  I've found that lying int he fetal position for a bit helps, but really, it's just a low grade pulling most of the time interspersed with some high impact jabs.  I'm trying to remember it means serious bump-ittude is coming!


Feel better!

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Thanks for the reassurance, ladies!!  It's really nice to have people to commiserate with about this stuff.  There are just so many things no one tells you to be prepared for during pregnancy....  I didn't even know I had "round ligaments" until a couple of days ago irked.gif.  Is it too much to hope for that they will get good a stretched out now so that it's smooth sailing later on?  Regardless, bring on the bump!!

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i've been having this too - especially when I sneeze or get up too quickly, lay in a certain position, or move suddenly in a certain way.  It also happens sometimes if I pull my daughter onto my lap.


i remember it happening with my dd's pregnancy for several weeks, but maybe it lasts shorter with some people.  I don't like it either!!!

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Originally Posted by vancouver sarah View Post

 Is it too much to hope for that they will get good a stretched out now so that it's smooth sailing later on?  Regardless, bring on the bump!!

I had round ligament pain for most of my pregnancy with DD. And unfortunately, it's only supposed to get worse with subsequent pregnancies, which so far has been proven true for me. I'm 13 weeks now and have been getting RLP since about week 5. I mostly notice it at night when I roll over in bed like you had originally mentioned. Other than that, it can be very sudden and sharp when I stand up after sitting a while. The only good thing is that it's reassuring to know that my uterus is growing strong :)


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I just posted about this in another thread, so sorry for the duplicate info for those of you who are reading both, but ask your midwife/ob about MSM. It's a sulfur supplement that's good for connective tissue and it saved my life last time. It was so bad with baby #3 that I really just wanted the things removed! Who needs them anyway? I had a swimming class my last trimester and there weren't any stairs out of the pool--just a ladder--and I would stand at the bottom of the ladder breathing and psyching myself up for the pain that would slam into me when I emerged from the water. Totally debilitating! Couldn't do flip turns either. And sneezing? Coughing? Rolling over in bed? Getting out of bed? Oh, just kill me now!


With #4 I had a midwife who suggested MSM daily and then Complete Tissue and Bone topically. Totally changed my life! If I took the MSM daily, I had zero problems with those round ligaments. If I forgot to take it for a few days, it would flare up and then I'd use the CT&B, which worked great to soothe the pain in the moment, just not so much as a preventative. Then I'd immediately get back on track with the daily MSM usage and all would be well again. I highly recommend it!

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