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Possible UTI: Advice?

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So, two nights ago my 9-month-old DS passed what I thought was a lot of gas in the middle of the night and went back to sleep. When my alarm went off 4 hours later, I changed his diaper and discovered that it wasn't gas but a huge poo. greensad.gif


Fast forward to today: his penis is bright pink and slightly swollen and has a weepy discharge. He has gone about 6 hours with a dry diaper. I'm sure this is a UTI, but his foreskin-friendly ped is closed until Monday, and I'm scared of attempted retraction if I take him to the doc-in-a-box. His behavior is perfectly normal, and he doesn't seem to be in any pain.


Has anyone been in this situation? Advice? Can it wait until Monday? Anything I can be doing in the interim to prevent it worsening? Info on collecting a urine specimen without cath, if it comes to that (didn't I read something about a ziploc bag--I can't find it)?






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The rash on his penis/foreskin isnt going to be a sign of UTI him not passing urine though that might possibly be but usually a fever will show up with UTI pretty fast.

For the rash put on some breast milk and some good barrier cream to help sooth it. If he starts to run a fever then take him to an available Dr. and request no retraction and watch like a hawk. I would give him lots to drink and see if that wont urinate.

Hope he feels better soon.
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My description of what's going on wasn't so great. There isn't any rash--the penis is swollen, and there is a small amount of green/yellowish discharge coming from the opening of the foreskin.


He did have a very wet diaper not long after my original post, and he never cried or anything to indicate that urination was painful. Still no fever, thank goodness.

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The poo on his penis would have been very irritating so that would explain the swollen penis and discharge. Odds are good that it isnt a UTI just a nasty reaction to the acidic poo. If it isnt better by monday then I would take him in and get a swab to see if bacteria is growing.
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You were right-- the swelling and redness are gone today. He's urinating normally, and the discharge has decreased. I'll skip the doc unless the discharge continues for 2-3 more days. Thanks so much for your help! smile.gif

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So happy he is better today smile.gif
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