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hi ladies! i am starting to sound like an over-diagnosing weirdo here but i think i may have urethritis. if you have seen some of my other posts you saw that i suspected a urethral prolapse along w/ maybe cervix/uterus. but i really dont think its a prolapse per say or the urethra bc it doesnt look like any of the pictures i've seen of one, it is however red and swollen on the lower half of the 'pee hole' and im spotting still, not sure if from cervix or what or if still lochia. (5weeks pp but bleeding had stopped for several days) i have a lot of pain in my urethra and bladder but not burning/pain w/ peeing, somewhat frequent peeing and sometimes not emptied all the way, but again no pain or burning w/ actually peeing. jw if anyone has had urethritis in a female and how you knew? i also have hsv which is a risk factor for urethritis.



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Hi Mommyw,

Your symptoms does not sound like urethritis.


Urethritis is defined as an inflammation of the urethra due to infection. The term urethritis is typically reserved to describe urethral inflammation caused by a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Urethritis is normally categorized into one of two forms: gonococcal urethritis  and nongonococcal urethritis.


The symptoms include: abnormal urethral  discharge, painful urination (urinary frequency and urgency are typically absent), urethral itching or irritation.

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