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I "use" chiro kind of like... hmmmm... maybe antibiotics?  It's not something I'd ever consider as a "normal part of healthy living", but more of an option to treat a specific condition type thing.  I was in an accident several years ago and had a wonderful chiropractor who helped me get back into shape, but once I was in shape I didn't keep going.  I just kept doing my regular "healthy life" stuff.


I do know a few people who have regular chiropractic sessions, but many of them have chronic health conditions (lupus and ms specifically) that they kind of have to stay on top of.  So I think for them chiropractic /is/ part of a regular health maintainance routine.  But I don't think it needs to be, or even should be, for most people.  Like anything, it's probably better to try and find out what is causing the "problem" that chiro is "fixing" and then addressing that.  Kind of like you might use antibiotics for an accute infection but once you're feeling better you can change your diet and lifestyle to enhance your immune system and prevent future infections?  For some people regular chiro (or acupuncture, or homeopathics, or massage) may be necessary, but it's probably not for most people.


Though if it feels good, and you can afford it, it certainly wont hurt!  :)

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I go to a chiro as needed and dont feel boxed in for life. I go for the, dont fix whats not broken, theory rather than the constant regimin. So when I feel I need it, I know she is there for me and will fit me in. 

This is sort of how we use it as well.  Basically we average being seen about once a month except during times when I need it more.  Like during pregnancy or the first few months of having a baby when my back and shoulders are in knots.  It seems like I'm always doing something causing me to overdo it get my hips or shoulders out of alignment or something.  Country life is not so gentle on the body.  :)  I take the kids to be seen about once a month too as part of regular maintenance.  I think it's more important for them because of how much they fall and can throw themselves out of alignment so easily and are growing  so fast.  And it's a good tool to help with nursing new littles and to prevent ear infections and promote good immune health.


Right now I'm going about every 2 weeks, but it's just on an as needed basis.  I don't set up appointments in advance.  I just wait until I feel like I need it and then call and have them work me in that day or the next.


I know some places try to get you to commit to 3 times a week, but I only see the need for something like that if you're having a REAL problem that needs corrected and only for the first couple of weeks and then backing off of it. 




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Ended up going to the chiro today... she did mostly gentle touch work.  Baby hasn't dropped yet, so hopefully we have time to make a little more room for little one :) 

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My little bundle of joy has been head down with his back along my right side and his feet in my left ribs since 28 weeks with no obvious change in position. I expect he might be borderline posterior (is there such a thing?) But after stressing for MONTHS that the hard bump I felt under my right ribs was his head (its his butt), I felt him saying "take a chill pill mom, I've got this!"

Honestly I may be the only one but I HATE the spinning babies site, it always gives me the sense that or bodies and babies dont inherently work, and that is just not something I'm comfortable buying into. I think there was a great post about posterior babies on the midwifethinking blog, it was very reassuring to me. Also, I think Gloria Lemay discussed it on her blog also.

Good luck mamas, you can do it!!
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