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hcg levels

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Did any of you have early pregnancy blood work done, and if so, how far along were you and what were your levels?  I am 4 weeks along with #4 and my dr left VM Friday saying my hcg levels were very high, am I sure I did not conceive the month before.  The thing is, I am POSITIVE I did not.  It was Aug 6th.  I had BFP Aug 16th.  Now I am left all weekend to wonder if there are multiples, because they are high.  But she did not tell me how high.  So if you can share your stories, it will help me uselessly obsess for the next 24 hours. :)

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At 14 days past ovulation my level was 150. My RE said he liked to see at least 50, I asked if that was an indication that I may be carrying twins and he said no.  I felt otherwise but found out for sure at 6W4D I was carrying fraternal twins.  We did fertility treatments, thus the early monitoring.

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I didn't have mine drawn early, 17 DPO was the earliest and my level was 1825. At 19 DPO, it was 3547. Found out at my 7w3d U/S I was having fraternal twins smile.gif .
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Obsess away here: http://www.betabase.info 


FWIW, my betas were:


12 DPO - 59

18 DPO - 1,229

25 DPO - 17,009 


If you compare to the betabase values for twin and singleton, my numbers tell you...nada. Right in the middle for either.

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Thanks for obsessing with me. :)  My blood draw from what I believe is 11 dpo was 107.  I had another today, 14 dpo and will get results tomorrow.   If this just didn't feel so profoundly different than my other 3 pregnancies, I would not think twice.  My Dr said 107 was high for 11 dpo in general but that was about it.

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well its not only the level, but the double rate that could be an indicator of multiples. but once it gets higher than a certain amount (i think 6000), the double rate slows...


that said, i cant remember my betas for the life of me, but i think at 25dpo they were 17 thousand something and at 27dpo they went up to 24 thousand something...which i thought were high, but not out of the realm of normal according to betabase.info...


but i was, in fact, carrying twins.

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it's true that high hcg levels are not an accurate measure of multiples however it sure is fun to ponder the possibilities! i work at a hospital and had bloodwork drawn by my lab friends. at 7dpo hcg was 9 and 24 hours later it was 60. by 12dpo it was well over 1000. i told dh to be prepared for twins and he laughed it off. my girls are 11mo old now ROTFLMAO.gif

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I meant to come back and update. :)  I had 3 sets of blood work.

11dpo 104

14dpo 448

16dpo 1487


Been so sick this time and never with last 3.  I am having a dating sono this week.  Really anxious.


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so what ever came of your sono? learn anything interesting???

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Wanna talk torture. Sono at 6wk 1d showd 1 gestational sac, 2 yolk sacs, 1 heartbeat they eventually found (good rate). They want me back in a bit for another sono to see if we had 1 viable/1 non-viable baby, or if baby 2 has started kickin a beat. Dr said 6wk3d to 6wk5d is usually when they feel confident on seeing heartbeats. So likely one is disappearing, but still waitng. smile.gif
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