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That's how I'm feeling!!  Everytime I get the sharp stabbing pains in my groin it feels like I have to pee, like right that second, and it usually lasts or kind of pulses a bit (for lack of a better term) for a couple minutes.  I'm also getting many of the symptoms mentioned in that link, period like cramping, not a contraction-type cramp but more of a stomach achiness that comes on occasionally, lower back pain with back of the hips pain, the intermittent bowl problems, and tons of BH contractions.  I e-mailed my midwives finally out of curiousity and they agreed that it could be some very early pre-labor symptoms.  I'm certain now that it will happen after my reflexology appointment on Friday because we just signed our son up for Parent Survival night at his gymnastics club on Saturday, they basically babysit and keep them entertained for you for 3 hours so you can have an evening out, some last chance couple time, so I'm certain it'll be just in time that we have to cancel that!