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Ovary Pain?

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I've been having what feels like ovary pain (similar to when I ovulate) on the left side for a couple weeks, and I went in last week to have my HCG taken. It was 60,890 at 7 weeks, so enough for an ultrasound. They did see baby in my uterus with a heartbeat, joy.gif and she took lots of pics of my ovaries but didn't say anything looked wrong. The doctor is reviewing it and I haven't heard back from him yet, but now today I'm having the same type of pain on the right! No spotting or anything. Anyone know what this might be? Obviously not ectopic or miscarriage (right?) but it's for sure not round ligament pain, I know what that feels like!  I guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow, but I'm a little freaked out, even with the ultrasound!

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Do you have ovarian cysts? I have PCOS and felt a lot of "ovulation pains" with my last pregnancy, including a very bad one at 7 weeks. I figure they were cysts poppings.

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i had similar pain early in my last pregnancy, well it was sharp and stabbing (is that was yours is like)?  i only had it on one side though.  i've had similar pain in the past and i've always been told that it's cysts.  after having ds (in may) the same pain came back, but i haven't noticed it since.  i'm sure it's nothing to worry about. 

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I've never had cysts that I've known of, or any sort of pain that might be cysts. But I'll chalk it up to that! Thanks, ladies!

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I am having similar pains. I 'm pretty sure their ligament pains even though they feel different than last go around.


There are some gentle exercises you can do to help. The spinning babies website has some really good info on this.



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