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Mild Rectal Prolapse

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Yuck.  After doing some internet assisted self diagnosis - I am fairly certain that I have a mild case of rectal prolapse.  It's not bad, and does not interfere with my life.  Basically, my rectum bulges out after a BM if I strain (which I try to avoid of course). I thought it was just hemorrhoids, but not I am not so sure.  Like I said, no serious symptoms, it retracts on its own within a minute or so - I don't have do do anything manually. It doesn't hurt or itch, it's just gross, and a big pain to clean.  I had hemorrhoids at the end of my pregnancy and then this thing started after I gave birth. I labored for 36 hours, 2 hours of pushing on my back with an epidural (that I needed after 28 hours of double and triple peak contractions).


My concerns are basically:

1. How do I get it to go away? Is this possible? I am doing kegels and trying to eat a high fiber diet and I drink a lot of water.

2. If it is not possible to make this go away in a non-invasive way, has anyone ever had it treated? If so, how? What was your experience like?

3. For people who did not have it treated, did it get significantly worse over time? 

4, DH and I are currently TTC - I am very worried about this issue getting significantly worse with a second pregnancy and vaginal delivery.  Anyone go through this? What was your experience like? Did it interfere with the delivery at all?


Thanks in advance, I am hoping to hear from others so I can stop freaking out over this. 

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Core work should help significantly. I had a good recovery from a mild bladder prolapse.



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So it's been 10 months, and it's definitely a rectal prolapse.  I need to manually um, put everything back where it's supposed to go after a BM now.  I'm 7m pregnant and really scared about a vaginal delivery. Anyone BTDT?

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Check out the Pelvic Organ Prolapse support thread here: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/713732/pelvic-organ-prolapse-support-thread/1440


It's really long, but there's lots of experienced mamas there who have had more children after prolapses. 


Also, have you tried squatting/putting your feet up on a stool when you have to go?  I avoid straining as much as possible because it aggravates my vulvar varicosities, and the stool really helps. 

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