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Yeah, I don't have any real issues... i suppose just normal stuff like swollen feet and ankles..  and at my last appt my BP was elevated, hopefully it hasn't gotten too much higher.  So I will just wait and see what happens at my next appointment before deciding yay or nay.  My sister had the good ol stretch and sweep at her mw appt last tuesday and later that night went into labour.  But the mw did say that her cervix was favourable to it... so who knows if she would have gone into labour on her own at that point anyways?! 


Got the baby car seat all cleaned up and ready just in case, and the baby swing too!!  I suppose I should make a hospital bag for just in case we have to transfer as well ....  But I don't know what to pack.  I would under normal circumstances, but the clothes I'd want to pack are my comfy jammies that I wear all the time!!  lol  I was thinking of just a few items for me and baby in one bag?