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Found Boba 40% off

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I use my Ergo the most, but I've always wanted to try a Boba, and I love the colors.


Just saw this:





Has anyone tried it?  I was curious about the leg holds. 

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I was just about to post the same thing! There is also a coupon code to take $10 off $30 or more code is SMDF10


I'm so excited I was thinking about getting an Ergo, but someone recommended Boba, Tying to figure out best prices and now I got one for $55.95 shipped!!! AND it was the color Dh wanted!

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Ohhh thanks for coupon code!

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My co-leader for our local baby wearing group LOVES the Boba!!!  I think she owns 3 of them.  I've been wanting one too and just bought one on the zulily site!  Thanks so much!!!!  :)


The Boba is taller and more narrow then the Ergo.  I think the straps are also a little less bulky with the padding.  They both are great carriers though!  My kids are super tall and thin so the Boba will work great for us.

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I have never tried the Ergo, but I have to say that we LOVE LOVE LOVE our Boba!!!!

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I have both Boba and Ergo. The Boba is way better than the Ergo for several reasons. The Boba back panel is longer so better support for toddlers and the weight distribution is also better. We stopped using our ergo because my toddler felt as though she was going to fall out and I was getting back and shoulder ache. Boba is releasing a new design so they are on sale. We have them at 30% off with free shipping as well at www.naturalpureessentials.com.

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Wow I have both the Ergo and Boba (I bought the Boba because my SIL needed the Ergo.)... I do NOT like the Boba. It's so stiff and the bottom panel has this ridge that digs into my skin. I guess maybe it's good for taller kids. DS is a 23 lb 8 month old. I was really disappointed in my purchase. 

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