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Welcome Magdalen, there are so few of us left its always nice to welcome someone new.


FischK, you need something really hot and spicy rather than Chinese. Try a really spicy Indian meal or maybe something Thai.


Jenny, it shouldn't be long now if you've had a bloody show. I've had plenty of mucus, but no pink or red in it.


AmyJoyce & MohawkMama, hope you both get to labor land soon.


AFM I've been trying to finish up all those things on the to do list. Almost finished the newborn sized fitted diapers, just a few more that need the velcro sewn on and I'll be done, hopefully sometime today. Yesterday DH came home and said he was going to have to work Saturday. He has a big work deadline for 7th. I totally lost it at him, and asked why is he the only person in all the people working on his project that can do anything/everything. I honestly think he takes too much of it on himself instead of letting other people do their share. Well after my outburst I started getting contractions, but they only lasted a few hours. I'll be really miffed if this baby stays in until 8th because their daddy is too busy at work for them to come before then. Once I finish these diapers and get our bathroom cleaned again I'll be ready. And if this baby doesn't come soon we'll have eaten our way through all the food we stocked up on for labor when we though we really were in labor last week, so now on top of everything else we're going to have to replace all that labor food again.


Now to get back to being all calm and relaxed and patient.

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Still here.  I had a yucky night last night with pressure down low and then felt crampy off and on today, with tons of BH contrax.  And the baby was crazy active most of the day -- I guess the contractions made her nuts?  I even called my midwife to give her some advance warning that something might be happening, but nothing doing.  bawling.gif


It's not like I'm way overdue or anything -- just frustrated.  I think I actually believe that I'm not cool enough to go into labor and will therefore, being lame, be pregnant forever.  If I had actually had normal labor last time instead of being induced, maybe I'd have a clue about what my body is doing.  Or maybe not! orngbiggrin.gif


Anyone else get rectal pressure during contractions?  Most unpleasant.

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Due date today! Darn bloody show the other day got my hope up that it would be soon.... but apparently not. I too, think I will just be pregnant forever....


Hoping everyone is holding their sweet babies soon! I'm so eager to meet this little one, it hurts!

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Magdalen, I sometime get the pressure going all the way to my rectum too. Its more annoying than anything else, and I have to really try to stay relaxed down there when it happens.


I have my 40 week appointment this afternoon. I really am getting tired of the travel for these appointments, as its an hours drive each way, and now that its weekly until labor its getting really tedious. Fortunately DH does the actual driving. But I would still rather be in labor so I don't have to go this afternoon.


I still feel like I have a ways to go before this baby comes. I'm even trying to contemplate going all the way to 42 weeks this time. I'd rather be prepared for the wait than drive myself crazy with every single little twitch I feel and wondering if labor is finally starting.


One thing is for sure I now have a September baby instead of an August one. I guess there must have been too many August birthdays in our family already for this little ones liking, so they've decided to go with September instead.

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So my MW did a vaginal exam yesterday and I'm at 3cm and 50% effaced. It took me over 14 hours of labor to get that far last time so I'm really glad the prodromal labor has actually been doing something this time.


I also asked her about what would happen if I went postdates. She said she's never had a Mama go beyond 43 weeks, but if I go to 42 weeks then she would like a biophysical profile done to make sure baby is happy, and if I go to 43 then another biophysical etc. She won't transfer care just because of dates. It was really encouraging to hear that. If we go beyond 41 weeks she does have a list of natural induction methods we can try IF we want to. The main thing is she is happy to wait for this baby to initiate labor if we are. If only everyone else around us were so laid back about this baby arriving.


MIL called last night to say they are coming down this weekend. She is stressing about the baby, and I honestly don't want her around. However they have a trip planned next week, so I think she is hoping that coming to visit might make me go into labor so that the baby will be here before they leave. Its not our fault she booked a trip during the time this baby could arrive. I'm kind of hoping the baby stays put until she is gone just so I don't have to deal with her while in labor.

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I had an appointment yesterday too, and I had no change since last week. I'm 3-4cm and 30% effaced. I'm 40 + 6 now, and they don't deliver babies at the birth center past 42 weeks, so I hope I go before then.

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Angie I hope something happens for you soon. I hate how some providers have deadlines, but maybe this holiday weekend will see the rest of us have our babies.


I've had a feeling this one of mine would be a Labor Day baby right from the beginning. I really don't want to go much past this weekend because my MW has me on a twice a week visit schedule from here on out and its an hour drive each way which is already getting really tedious so I dread having to do it twice a week, not to mention that's more time off work for DH as we only have one car.


On a more positive and happy note I just found out this morning that my baby sister is having a baby of her own. She is due in March. They have been trying for 3 years and have just finally got an appointment to see the fertility specialist, and now she doesn't need the appointment. She waited until she was 13 weeks to say anything as both my brother and I lost our first babies at about 11-12 weeks, so she wanted to wait until she got past that before she went public. I'm so happy that she is finally having a baby of her own. We both got married just 3 days apart, and I know its been difficult for her to see me pregnant with my second baby (3rd pregnancy) while she was still getting that BFN every month. Now we get to baby talk in a whole new way, and my babies get another cousin.

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Ya, I have to drive an hour to get to my appointments too, and it's a pain! I just was there yesterday, and they want me to come back on Saturday again.


That is great about your sister! How exciting for her! :)

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Still here.  Went to the chiropractor this morning for the first time ever.  I'm a mess!  My pelvis is apparently tilted slightly to the left.  But he got a bunch of good snap-crackle-pops in, so hopefully things are moving in the right direction.


Hang in there, girls.  We'll get through this.

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Angie, that seems a bit quick that they want you to go back tomorrow.


My DH is talking about working both Saturday AND Monday, so basically getting no weekend, even though his parents are going to be visiting and we already had plans for Monday with friends, because of this new twice a week thing. Our next appointment is Tuesday because of Labor Day on Monday. I'm actually quite upset with how much DH is working right now, even though I know he is doing this to try and get as much work done before the baby arrives and he then takes a week off. This is supposed to be a nice relaxing 3 day weekend and instead DS and I will hardly see DH, and I get stuck with entertaining HIS parents at the same time. I just want to relax with just the 3 of us until this baby arrives, which I really do hope will be sometime over the weekend, probably Monday. Instead I get a stressful weekend and the baby will probably end up waiting another week until I can get a zen again.

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I think it's because they don't deliver past 42 weeks, and Saturday I'll be 41. Plus my iron has been low, so they want to check it again.

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Hi All - I am so glad I found you.  I have a hard time sitting at my desk typing so I haven't been on the boards very much.  I am 40 weeks and 6 days (like you Love4Bob!).  Lynann - I totally hear you about the drive. My drive is only a 1/2 hour but my husband doesn't drive (yet...he is from the UK and needs his US license) so it is getting very tedious.


Thank you all for keeping me sane and patient.  Hang in there everyone! x

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Welcome ktleighdt, although I sincerely wish you weren't here but rather in the mamas with babies thread.


I'm also from the UK, married to an American. I waited over a year to get my US drivers license, and then was so surprised just how easy the driving test was. I didn't even leave the parking lot. I don't do a huge amount of driving though, as we only have one car at the moment and DH takes it to work, and at this point I can't fit behind the steering wheel without squishing the bump, so DH gets to do all the driving for now.  I celebrate 3 years of being here on 8th, and then I get to apply for citizenship. We spent our first year of marriage apart waiting for my visa, so it will be so good to finally be done with USCIS once I become a citizen. DS was great evidence when we went to remove the conditions at 2 years, and I can hardly believe by the time I officially become an American I'll be the Mamma to 2 wonderful children.


Angie, my hemoglobin is low too, but I'm a long term anemic, not just during pregnancy. My MW seems happy with my 10.2 from my last blood draw as it was only a drop of 0.2 from the previous one. Have you been taking anything for the anemia. I use Floradix, which my MW has me on 3 times a day. I have also heard wonderful things about alfalfa, so I think I'll add that in next time around.


So today I'm 40+4, which is the point I started labor with DS. He was then born 40+5. So if I make it through this weekend still pregnant it'll be the longest I'll have been pregnant. I thought second babies were supposed to come earlier than first babies, but in this case I guess not.


The In-laws are visiting this weekend, and MIL brought me a clipping from some magazine about some scary virus that can cause extreme birth defects (called CMV) which is just what a woman about to birth needs to read. I can tell from the tone of the article that its scare mongering, so now I'm going to have to do a little research on the actual facts so I can counter it when I see her this evening.


Hope you all get to join the Mamas with babies thread today instead of hanging out here.

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I'm anemic when I'm not pregnant too. My numbers still aren't at 10. They have been from 9.2-9.7 so far, and they want it to be at 10. I've been taking liquid iron that I got from my midwife, and it seems to be doing ok. I'm trying to drink more OJ too and limit my calcium. I go in today for a NST and to check my fluids. 

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Angie, I hope all goes well today, and that baby Andrew decides today is a good day to be born. Hope labor comes soon, and passes soon so that you can be snuggling that little boy instead of waddling around with him inside.


Have your MWs mentioned duck walking. My MW told me about it at my last appointment. You basically squat down then walk around while still squatting. It is supposed to help bring the baby down further so that they are pressing more firmly against your cervix, and therefore get labor going. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to give it a go once DS goes down for his nap this morning. I'm so ready to meet this baby, even if it means duck walking to get them out. It might look silly, but it does sound better than taking castor oil, which is getting more appealing every day right now. (Not that I'd do castor oil until at least 41+5.)

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Lynann -- I had to jump in about the CMV -- I think it refers to cytomegalovirus, which is a form of/cousin of mononucleosis.  My husband actually got it immediately after the birth of our son -- we think he picked it up in the hospital, as it's known as a "nursery disease" -- the kind of thing you pick up from kiddos and such.  It manifests like mono -- extreme exhaustion, faintness, etc.  Not fun!


I'm now at 40w3 and REALLY READY TO MEET THIS BABY.  I'm getting a bit panicky, too.  After all this work for a home birth I don't want to end up being induced.  Sigh.

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Magdalen, thank you for the info. I googled it this morning and its a herpes virus (type 5) and the article my MIL had said it effected 1 in 150 newborns, but according to the CDC website it is less than 1 in 750 with most having no illness or symptoms. The article was really just scare mongering, which is what I thought from reading it initially. I wish magazines wouldn't print inaccurate information, it just gives people like my MIL more stuff to worry about. And since I am home birthing the chances of catching something around birth time is extremely rare, as I'll be in my own familiar environment.


I have been loosing big chunks of mucus today. It started first thing this morning, but I thought it might just be left overs from DTD. Then a few hours ago a huge big snotty chunk came out and there was no mistake. Now my body seems to be in clear out mode and I'm getting a bit crampy, so hopefully something will happen in the next day or two. I'm so ready to meet this baby. I do hope this turns into labor.

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Woohoo!!! ELVs and progress vibes headed your way!

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Lynann, hoping it's time for you!!!

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Thanks for the sweet note Lynann! So excited to hear you are making some progress.  It will likely be soon I am sure. 


As for being from the UK....how fantastic.  I lived in England for three years and never received my driver's license as I was to scared of the test.  It is MUCH easier here!  I also can sympathize with being "done" with the USCIS.  The paperwork and interviews were entirely to frustrating.


Sending my best to everyone. x

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