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I'm surprised-- and happy- to see so many others in a similar situation!  Like another pp, my dd has always been very intense, so we never even considered having another until about a year ago (and then waffled, waffled, waffled).  I really cannot imagine what it would have been like, or how I would have managed, had I been dealing with pg or a babe while she was 2 & 3 years old-- YIKES!  She's also kind of precocious-- acts and talks like an older child in many ways (I assume from spending so much time with adults, since she never did daycare or preschool)-- and yet has a low tolerance for frustration.  She's a really quirky little thing, but darned if I'm not completely in love with her  :)  I have to say, our relationship is something that I'm also really grateful for, that I think woul dhave just been .. different.. if I was caring for a younger one at the same time. 


The big news here is that dd started half-day kindergarten last week!  With a history of fairly elevated separation anxiety, I'm super excited for her that she's adjusting so well.  I can already see her confidence growing, which is really neat, and even though she still is obviously nervous about going every day, I'm so proud that she keeps pushing herself and that she gets off the bus SO happy and positive every afternoon.  I was ready to feel really sad about her going, but am doing pretty well.  It's nice that we still have mornings together to wake up slowly and do some neat things and have lunch before she catches her bus.  I'm also really happy to have the opportunity to do most of my shopping, etc. on my own-- I'd been worrying that she might be becoming a bit too much of a little consumer from so many shopping trips to "buy stuff"-- even if it's "stuff"" we need.  Glad to be able to focus our time together on other things.  She's also telling everyone about the new baby and seems very excited.  She wishes it was ready to come out NOW-- April seems like such a long way off!  She's also voiced a definite preference for a little sister-- so we'll have to see how that goes  :)


I hope everyone else is doing well!