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Midwife vs OB

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I have an almost 4 year old daughter and am 6 weeks preggo with #2.


What differences are there between midwives that deliver in hospitals and OBs? I am not looking for a homebirth but felt very pressured by the hospital to get the epidural the minute I walked in during labor.


Do midwives still send you for ultrasounds during pre-natal care? What if you end up with complications, do they send you to an OB?


Also, from reading this forum, I saw Hackettstown Midwives and Princeton Midwives reccommended. Just wondering is anyone knows of one closer to Somerset, NJ?




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OBs are generally more "medical procedure" minded where as midwife are more "evidence based care" aka let mama labor the way she needs to. My midwife catches at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ (about 45min from you). I just recently delivered my DD on 5-10-11. She really is AMAZING and has a GREAT back up OB (Charles Hadaad) who is literally acrossed the hall from her office. You still have the option of all the routine testing if you want it, but she doesnt make you do anything except the 20 week anatomy scan I believe. Her name is Lonnie Morris. Her office is in Clifton, NJ and she also has a great, passionate parter midwife named Rachel. You can find more info on her and Rachel (and Dr. Hadaad) at www.childbirthcenter.net


Birth Blessings,

Doula Abby



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