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Fuzzi Bunz OS vs. PS?

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I CD'd my DD as a baby and LOVED Fuzzi Bunz.  Of course, they didn't have the OS at the time, so most of my experience is with the sized diapers.


I'm itching to start a stash for my new baby and I wanted some input about the OS versus the PS. Are the PS super bulky? Are they worth it? A pain to wash?


Any insight is totally welcome! Thanks Mamas!

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Nobody?  LOL

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My only experience is with the OS ( those are the ones with the adjustable elastic?) honestly I really wanted to love them but they leave horrid marks on his legs. They are trim but almost too much so. Sometimes I feel like the rise should be a few more inches. I'm not sure how the PS are.

You may also find a lot of reviews on the Diaper Pin... http://www.diaperpin.com/diapers/itemdetail.asp?id=2103
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I like the PS better.  The OS is really hard to stuff, especially in the Earth Day diaper.  That one is extra narrow for some reason.  I don't *hate* them, but I like the PS better.  My girl is 19lbs and still in a small (we have Mediums too, but the small look better IMO.  And she's got 1-2 more snaps on the hips before she out grows them.  (depending on what I stuff with!) 

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We use both, but I think I like the PS better. The OS fit nice and trim, and they adjustable elastics are great, but sometimes the little wing flaps stick out in the front (by the tops of DDs thighs) and it just seems like it would be uncomfortable if I were the one wearing it. The PS diapers last (in size, I mean) for a loooong time IMO. We bought Mediums when DD was 4 months old, and while they were kind of bulky then (she was a pretty chubby BF baby, though) they kept the pee and poop in, and now at almost 2 years old, she can STILL wear them on the 3rd snap in on the legs, and with only one snap visible at the waist!! I find that to be pretty awesome. ;)

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We used PS with our older son (OS wasn't created yet) up until he was out of diapers.  We never needed larger than a M, which was awesome.  After prefolds/covers in the early days, the M PS was all he needed. 


Now we use both PS and OS (along with a mix of other dipes) with our youngest and I like both.  I love that the OS has the replaceable elastic.  My initial stash, after being used by 2 kids and being stored for a while, ended up with shot elastic and I couldn't use them (still need to get those to a mama who can sew!).  I like the idea of being able to replace the elastic and get much more use out of the OS. As for fit, we like them both - have no complaints.  


Washing routine is the same.  

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I like the PS better. We have a lot of the Mediums and they've worked for a good 6 months on our DD and that's with the snaps on the smallest setting...so I anticipate that they'll fit for quite awhile. They're almost like a OS diaper. When my LO was smaller, we had a few Small hand-me-downs and those fit for awhile, too. I think that the OS would fit a newborn better, because they're narrower, but once the baby gets to about 15 lbs. I like the Mediums better. The crotch is a lot wider and the elastics are snug, but not tight. They just look more comfortable and like a better fit.

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