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Anyone here have hcg levels taken this pregnancy?

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Mine were really high. I feel really weird this time, don't know why.  But it is all making me super antsy.

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I had mine taken way back when I first got my positive hpt.  It was 51 one day and 353 4 days later.  a fairly rapid doubling time, but nothing wild, I don't think (though I AM experiencing much worse ms than in my last pg- I don't remember my numbers then)  Are yours high enough to somehow be concerned?

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Thinking twins?  My best friend had SUPER high hcg numbers with her twins.  I haven't had mine tested.

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Yes, but only because they are so much higher than my past pregnancy when it was tested.  It could be nothing, and is not concerning from a health standpoint at all, but once the Dr planted that twin seed, well, brain is spinning.  Hellllooooo Google research. ;)

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Have you been to betabase.info? Also, just curious, how high are your numbers?

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I have. :)  They are far from insane high.  11 dpo median for twins is 41 and I was at 107.   But 318 was also the highest read.  I had blood taken again today.  If the results come back insane high tomorrow, I may have a blood pressure surge.

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It could also mean an early implantation. I'm not sure how fast the initial hcg surge is, but if you were 100 at 11DPO, that means 50 at 9DPO, 25 at 7DPO. That would be consistent with a 6DPO implantation which is still pretty normal.

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I haven't gotten results yet, but they took blood for it yesterday and they are again tomorrow.16 I'm not sure what the doubling time is supposed to be at 8+ weeks,16 but we'll see.

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I did some research a few days ago as well and basically they believe that hcg is higher with multiples but it varies so much from pregnancy to pregnancy, woman to woman, etc and the ranges for singleton vs. multiples overlap almost completely so it is impossible to know until you have an ultrasound.  Don't worry until you have a reason to.

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2nd blood draw came back that was done about 2.5 days after the first and it was a bit over 4x more than the first one.  I have been having some weird left side pain and am prepping to leave for 9 days for a hospital stay out of state with my 3 and 1 yr olds, so she asked if I would be okay with a sono this afternoon to make sure nothing was going on.  I agreed, only since the level of pain on that side is so out of whack.  Sono in 30 min.  I am pretty convinced there is just one, as I feel stellar otherwise, but will be good to know for sure.

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Any updates?

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Just got home.  My sono to rule out twins seems to confirm an ectopic pregnancy.  I am 14 dpo now and they saw nothing in the uterus.  They also saw nothing in the tube, but Dr says it does not matter.  hgc levels will continue to rise.  It is a little messy because we are supposed to drive 8 hours tomorrow with my kids, for a week at a Children's Hospital.  I will need to terminate the ectopic pregnancy so it does not rupture, but am waiting on a call back to see if I can do that chemically while traveling, or will need surgery in the city we are traveling to.  I am a little overwhelmed right now.  A little sad.  This pregnancy was unexpected by a long shot.  And our 1 year old and 3 year old are both mid-treatment for a health condition and are sick a lot and will need a lot a care for a long time.  So timing wise, I was trying to be okay with it.  Oddly, I am sadder than I expected.  But have an odd peace that everything happens for a reason.

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Oh I'm so sorry mama.  hug2.gif  Its so strange how you knew something was different--big hugs to you and your family.  I hope they can do it in a way that will not cause too much extra stress for you.

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Well, another update!  My GP, who ordered the sono, called my OB.  OB called me.  Said my hcg levels at 11dpo were 107 and at 14dpo were 448. She said that often they do not see an egg sack until hcg hits 1500.  And that my rise of 4x in 72 hours was great.  They are doing another hcg tomorrow before we leave town for 8 days, and if that one has doubled, and I have no pain while gone, they will assume it is viable!  And if I do have any pain, they will do a sono at the hospital we will be at and see if they can see anything then.  SOOO, I am still to assume I am pregnant. :)  And luckily we will be at the hospital this next week if something happens. 

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praying for you!


13 dpo=65 15 dpo=199 19 dpo=1691 21 dpo 4015 25 dpo=14355(sunday the 21st) 


HEARTBEAT flicker today!!! 

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Oh my goodness, what a rollercoaster! Then we won't count the little one out yet!
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Wow!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Whatever the outcome, it will be ok.

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What a rollercoaster of craziness indeed, mama!!!  Please keep us updated!!  I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

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Update! We did one more hgc test before we left town, and it went from 448 to 1500 in 48hrs, so all looks good.
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What wonderful news! 

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