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 I had a little difficulty this pregnancy. I had SPD for the entire pregnancy. I had some weird high blood pressure episodes at the beginning of my third trimester. I had hugely, hugely swollen feet, ankles and legs. I was anemic, which caused a lot of shortness of breath (in addition to the SOB that comes from having your lungs squished). And a few other things. With all of that, I was not as able to be as active as I had planned. I was able to do some short walks here and there, but nothing consistent. I'm generally an active person and am in okay shape when not pregnant. I'm now 10 days post partum and my abs and my back feel so weak. I know I need to work on strengthening both. I see my midwife in 2 days, so I'm going to ask her about it. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any tips on gentle exercise to regain strength.