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spotlight on Aprilmoon1 (Aug 22-28)

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This is a spotlight thread for Aprilmoon1!


What is a spotlight thread?


A spotlight thread is a thread where we ask questions of another DDC member and read & respond to her answers. It's a fun way to get to know other DDC members a little better.


How do I get a spotlight thread?


Sign up here!


What kinds of questions can I ask?


Whatever you like -- silly, weird, personal, you name it. The person being spotlit gets to decide whether/how to answer.


Looking forward to getting to know you a little better!

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How did you pick your username?


Tell us a little about where you live. (Be as vague or as specific as you like.) What do you like about it? What brought and/or kept you there?


If you had to choose, would you rather have a two week camping vacation or a weekend in a luxury hotel?

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This is a username I started using a few years ago. Nothing too exciting; jus my first name plus moon - thought it sounds nice.

We live in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. My family has been here for many generations, usually having a winter home here (yes my great great grandparents were some of the first "snow birds"!). I lived in Florida until I was 8, then my parents and I moved to Oregon, where I lived until I was 22, then to Central America, and now we all ended up back here in Florida. My husband is a marine biologist and surfer, and having family near made Sarasota even more appealing to settle down.

Sarasota is rare gem in Florida because there is still a sense of comminity - despite all the snow birds and retirees. There is so much culture, great restaurants and family activities. The beach here on siesta key was voted number one this year - husband and I got married on the beach, and my son has grown up spending every week there - we live 5 minutes away. We also live 10 minutes from Myakka State park; a beautiful, large natural area where we can hike, camp, and enjoy "old" Florida.

Camping or luxury hotel?? I am the girl who backpacks with beaty supplies, and camps with a new pedicure. I grew up with both parents being biologists and naturalists, so camping is always ideal to me.....HOWEVER......it is hot hot hot here and very humid. The mosquitos are terrible. Camping in the summer in Florida is never too comfortable, but especially pregnant! I will choose luxury hotel smile.gif
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Do you like to travel? What places are on your must see list?

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Traveling is my passion. I was lucky tht my parents took me with them on their business trips, around the US as well as abroad. I postponed college a few yeas and went to Europe and lived in Japan (I study traditional japanese karate and speak Japanese).

My husband is from Nicaragua, and we lived there for two years, so I have traveled to many countries in central america - we always take my son when we go back there. I find it really important to expose jim, even at four years old, to the world and to the beauty of traveling and experiencing other cultures.

My wish list would be Argentina and Brazil, and back to Europe to go to Spain. Anywhere new for me I would love. But right now, traveling that far is hard because of the cost. It is easier for us to travel to Central america, because the flights are cheaper from here in Florida.
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how many children do you have? (including this 1)


what is your favorite food?

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