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"You don't LOOK that pregnant!"

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I'm due the first half of October.  Early ultrasound said 10/17, but after doing some math, that would have had me finding out I was was pregnant at 2.5 weeks, which I just don't even know if that is possible!  My guesses are more around October 10th.  Whatever.  I'm not carrying big, despite being in maternity clothes since like 15 weeks.  Before getting pregnant, I was a size 4.  I have wider hips than most women my size, maybe that concels her more.  People are just starting to notice that I'm pregnant.  Everyone is REALLY surprised how far along I am.  I guess, I just feel bigger than I am.  I mean, I haven't worn my own clothes in months.  I FEEL like I have this huge boulder strapped to my front, and here people are thinking I've just been a bit bloated!  It wasn't really bothering me until this week, and I have heard it soooo many times from so many people.  So did I just look pregnant before so no one notices, kwim?  I am measuring a few weeks behind, she is smaller based on growth ultrasounds (30-40%, not super tiny), but still!  It is uber-frustrating.    I don't know how to respond when people 1) tell me there is no way I'm as pregnant as I am, 2) I don't even look pregnant, or 3) how huge they were when they were as far along as me.  I know that lots of ladies here get the "OMG THAT KID IS GOING TO FALL OUT OF YOU IN LINE AT THE GROCERY STORE" comments, anyone else getting the opposite?  Or have cleaver retorts? 

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I've only had TWO strangers ask when I was due. No one says a word to me about pregnancy, so I'm convinced I'm still on the "fat" side of the "fat or pregnant" game.

I was so prepared to slap hands away from my belly and answer rude questions, yet... nothing. And I'm 33 weeks and up 21 pounds (I'm pretty sure I've actually lost weight and gained belly for the past two months).

Kinda nice to avoid nosey/rude people, but it tends to make me self-conscious.
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Oh, this isn't strangers.  This is me announcing to folks I work with my maternity leave dates and such or other people who have then heard it through other channels. 

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I get it from my mother in-law when I send pictures, which is kind of hurtful, and some family members have lectured me about not eating enough to "grow" my baby, but other than that, no comments. I have heard some people whispering behind my back at work, but I have no idea what their issue was and no interest in finding out.

Bottom line is that people are tools. If you're feeling good and the doc says all is well, screw 'em! smile.gif
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I always get the "you're so small" comments and it's really annoying and then the more I hear it, it gets a little hurtful. I'm bigger this time than the last pregnancy and have gained over 25 lbs yet I still have people saying they cannot believe how far along I am! Last pregnancy, a dental hygentist said "I guess it's ok that you're so small...as long as everything's ok..." Ugh. So rude.
Today I was measuring small once again by two weeks or so and so my doc ordered a NST test and BPP and a growth test before my next appt in two weeks. I'm back to being nervous...
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I have heard that as well. I just hit 33 weeks today and in the past week or two I have heard, 'you finally look pregnant' SO many times. It doesn't really bother me but.. what? Do I always look pregnant? Because, I am pretty sure my belly is not round when I'm not pregnant.

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I find that basically I'm annoyed if anyone says anything to me other than, "Wow, you look amazing!" biglaugh.gif


Because honestly, at this point, I'm just not that interested in whether you find my belly (or any other part of me) large or small.


With my first people told me all the time that I didn't even look pregnant, and it used to drive me crazy. Now I realize they thought they were complimenting me, but really, I think it's just annoying to have one's appearance dissected all the time. Just say something nice or don't say anything at all, people! Right? thumb.gif

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