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If You're Looking for a Safety or Character Program....

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I read about a group called Brite Music which has made products since the 80s.  Their Safety Kids progam (digital version) is on sale right now for only $17.95.  So far, I've done the first group with my kids (4, 6, 8)--and they've all really liked it.  Four year old finally learned her phone number too...thanks to the song.  I think it was started by a Mormon woman, but I haven't really noticed any religious references.  It's secular as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about the other sections yet--as I haven't used them, but $17.95 got me all three, when the first one was $15.95.  It's a special which I think goes until September.


Safety Rules that are taught include going with a buddy, knowing your telephone number, asking a grandma or lady with children for help, not being afraid to say no, etc.  It's a little dated as there's nothing about digital safety/etc., but honestly--from what I've seen, these basics still apply.  Still good for PreK-2nd or 3rd grade... maybe older.





They also have a character set called Standing Tall.  You can buy individual character traits--honesty, work, cleanliness, service, self-esteem, gratitutude, obediance, happiness, etc.  Or buy a complete digital set for $140.00.  I think it's secular as well as far as I can tell.  I've heard good things about the Work unit and the honesty unit... but I haven't downloaded them yet.  I think it's good for PreK to maybe 2nd or 3rd grade.



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I totally had all of the Safety Kids songs memorized when I was really little. "Sometimes you just gotta yell and scream. Sometimes it's the only thing to do!..." One of my BFFs is incorporating the Standing Tall songs and accompanying virtues in her homeschool routine, and I think I'm going to as well. I haven't listened to them in a looooong time, but I don't remember there being anything religious about them. Then again, I'm LDS myself so I might not have noticed anything like that when I was younger, YKWIM? Anyway, thanks for reminding me to get on my Brite music ordering spree! Ha!

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lava mama--I downloaded the obedience one today--and my kids totally liked it.  Nothing religious either.  I'm not sure how we're supposed to use them--I'm assuming one/month as there are 12 values.  Did your family use them in your FHE routine or was it a separate thing?  I know they used to have sales reps but don't anymore.  In a way they wish they still did, so I could get tips on using them. :)


They have two or three monthly download kits where you can get the Safety Kids and Standin' Tall on a 6 month installment plan.  Another plan incorporates some of their other stuff as well.  As I got such a great deal on Safety Kids, I'm just planning on buying one character trait per month.

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We didn't really incorporate them into anything when I was younger. My mom basically just let us listen to whatever we wanted during the day, so we listened to those a lot. The FHEs we had growing up were more like, "Let's listen to 'Heart of Rock 'n Roll' and dance like crazy!" --not much structure to them at all. My friend is doing one Standing Tall value per month, using the song to help teach the value and then pulling from other sources/experiences to reaffirm throughout the month. If it were me, I'd just download all of the songs and listen to them whenever the mood struck. But that's just me and my inability to hold onto a set schedule for more than a few days. :D My kids love listening to music like this so they would ask for more songs anyway.  

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