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What Will Your Baby Look Like?

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My husband is 6'3" tall with blue eyes, curly brown hair and a red beard. I am 5'2" also with curly brown hair, but I have brown eyes. Since we have similar olive-toned complexions and whatnot, I guess the original assumption was that our kids would probably resemble the features we share in common with one another. However, I have been having dreams of our son having RED hair and freckles! My mother has red hair and DH has a red beard, meaning that the gene is there in both of us. I have done my genetic math, and it seems like the chances of a redheaded child are as high as 25%. Since my husband has blue eyes and I have brown eyes but my mother has blue, all of our children have a 50/50 chance of brown or blue eyes. It is funny hearing everyone in the family's confident guesses as to his physical traits. I, myself, am really starting to wonder if there is something to these dreams of a redhead!

Do you ladies wonder a lot about what your baby will look like? Is there family speculation about it? To mothers who already have children... Were your mental images of your child/dreams accurate at all?

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It would be so interesting to have that many variables!


DH and I both have wavy/curly dark brown hair, although he has a blondeish mustache and reddish beard.  My parents both had brown hair.  DH's mom has brown hair and his dad is blonde.  I am very much expecting a baby with hair just like both of ours, although I did have a red-headed grandma so I suppose there is a very slight chance of a baby with red hair.  


We both have brown eyes.  Baby expected to have brown eyes!  DH's dad has blue eyes, I think, but as far as I recall, everyone on my side's had brown eyes since the dark ages.  


We're both 5'11".  smile.gif



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My husband is African American, and I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and curly hair.  We're assuming the baby will have curly hair, but hopefully not my Irish Frizz.  :)


I am so curious to see what our baby looks like and which features it has.  A few months ago I had a dream that I could see our baby inside our uterus.  It was a boy with brown skin that was covered in white spots, just like the skin of a giraffe. It turns out that the white stuff was vernix and just rubbed in, but I think that was my subconscious way of integrating a biracial child. 

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Our child will be pasty white like mummy and daddy orngtongue.gif I'm curious about eye color since it as simple as us both having blue eyes therefore the sprog will (unlike hair color.) I've had occasion for my eyes to turn green like my mother's (my father's eyes are brown) but they're normally blue-grey. Spouse's eyes are piercing blue. With luck the kid will lean more toward dad's 6'3" than mum's 5'3".

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DH has brown eyes, as does everyone in his family. He was blond as a preschooler but has been dark brown ever since, and he has very thick hair.

I have blue eyes, same as my dad's side of the family. On my mom's side eyes are green. I had white blond hair as a child that slowly darkened, now it's more brown with blond highlights. It's also very thick.

I always expected my kids to take DH's dominant colouring (brown eyes and hair).

My son was born with blue eyes and black hair (like my dad). A couple of months in however, his eye changed to brown, and his hair fell out and grew in lighter.

Now he has brown eyes and brown hair, which strangely almost exactly matches the colour of my hair in adulthood! His hair is very thick also.

I expect our new son will have the same colouring that he does.
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DH is half Spanish with darker skin and black hair. I'm nearly albino white with (naturally) medium brown hair (dyed black). We both keep picturing our son blonde though, for some strange reason. Hoping for black, though!
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Originally Posted by Amy May View Post

My husband is African American, and I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and curly hair.  We're assuming the baby will have curly hair, but hopefully not my Irish Frizz.  :)


I am so curious to see what our baby looks like and which features it has.  A few months ago I had a dream that I could see our baby inside our uterus.  It was a boy with brown skin that was covered in white spots, just like the skin of a giraffe. It turns out that the white stuff was vernix and just rubbed in, but I think that was my subconscious way of integrating a biracial child. 

My "second family" has 7 children born from this combination. They are all beautiful!! Here they are, minus the Daddy...


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DS is my mini me as he has all my features but DHs expressions ;).

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My husband is hispanic, from Nicaragua - he has dark curly black hair, dark skin. I have auburn hair and blue /green eyes. Our son has hair only a shade darker than mine, and my blue eyes. He tans easier than I do, and his skin his slightly darker , but we are amazed he got all the recessive genes. The only light eyes in my husband's family was from his great grandmother! Genetics are amazing.
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My kids all look a lot alike and mostly like dh.

They look so different as babies as toddlers, etc.

My kiddos are born w/ olive complexion and black hair (or dark brown) and bright blue eyes.

The hair falls out and changes to a much lighter shade (varies per child) Ds 1 was blond and turning light brown, ds2 was dark blond/light brown and is turning a med brown, ds 3 is white white white (almost see through) and doesn't appear to be changing yet. Dd1 still depends entirely on the light. It is a blondy browny strawberry color.

They all started with blue eyes and have turned to green or hazel. dd still has blue but they could change in the next yr like the boys.

They look a lot like I pictured them especially after the first because especially at birth they all look almost exactly the same:).

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Jessima, love that family photo! So cute.


DH and I both had white-blonde hair growing up, though mine has darkened quite a bit and is more brown than blonde now. His is still fairly light, but has some red in it, and his facial hair is a lovely dark red...so we are basically guaranteed a very blond kid, although strawberry blonde is a possibility. His eyes are greenish-blue and mine are brown (our moms both have brown eyes, and our dads both have blue) so I think our baby has about a fifty/fifty chance of either color...maybe slightly more likely to be brown. I will be very interested to see baby's skin tone...DH inherited very white-and-red Irish skin, and I've got my Italian grandparent's olive tone.


When I dream about the baby, it's usually a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes...but I'm half-convinced baby is a boy just because that's what EVERYONE guesses. 

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DH is very tall, 6 foot 6, and I am very short, 4 foot 11. Mostly I hope our kids will be average smile.gif
Coloring wise, we were both blond as children, now he has dark brown hair and I have light brown/dark blond hair. He has blue eyes and I have green.

DS has my muddle color hair and dh's gray blue eyes, but an even blend of features.

I dreamt DD had light blind fuzz, kind of hoping she has my green eyes.

We had better quality ultrasounds with DS, so when he was born, I felt like I already knew his face. With this baby, our ultrasounds have been not great, so her face will be a surprise!
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I'm more curious about personality and temperament, which, in my experience, are more stable than physical features. For example, I had white-blond hair as a kid that is now brown. DH had red hair as a kid that is now brown. Our DS had bright reddish-orange hair as a baby/toddler (and he had a tuft in front for a while that made him look like Tintin) and, surprise surprise, his hair is now brown.


However, DS' tics and quirks are very much the same as when he was a baby. Looking back, I can see them reflected in things I didn't fully pick up on at the time. It's really interesting. And I really notice personality characteristics that he shares with DH (e.g., his generous nature) or me (e.g., his need to be heard.)


I also find it fun to see the baby move and realize, "Oh, THAT'S what you were doing in there!" DS did this thing as a newborn where he stretched and arched his back with his hands by his ears so that his elbows pointed up. It totally solved a mystery for me of what I was feeling when he was inside. I couldn't make any sense of that motion when I was pregnant with him, but it all fell into place after I saw him do it on the outside.

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I don't wonder much about how she will look...I'm one of those people who really tends to think that babies look the same, just with different coloring.  Maybe I'll think different when I have one?  I am wondering a lot about temperament and preferences.  Will she be totally down with Dylan (she is either jamming out or running away from it when I play it loudly right now!)?  Will she be a night owl or a steady sleeper?  Will she continue to stop moving around and go to sleep when I read the DSM (I have carried a pocket DSM with me for years and have taken to reading it aloud whenever it is really quiet)?  Will she prefer the cats or dog?  

We were talking about adoption long before I got pregnant.  It wasn't part of the plan, really.  I've found that often times when I dream about her getting here, she is already much older and often times a different ethnicity.  One night, she was speaking Spanish.  I'm still adjusting to the whole having a bio-kid thing. 

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I wonder how this little one will look compared to her sister. Some things are a given... DH and I (and DD) all have similar coloring... redish blonde hair, light skin, freckles, blue eyes. DD has an amazing head of thick curly hair. But yes I'm with the others in saying I'm more curious about temperament.  Will she be mellow (please God!) or feisty and intense like her sister? Will she be as much of a Papa's girl as DD? Will she love to sleep in or wake early? Will she have allergies like her sister or be able to eat anything and everything? It's fun to think about!

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I just hope he wont be ugly lol.


Im 5'4 dirty blonde hair with green/hazel eyes, hubby is 5'8 with dark brown/black hair and light light blue eyes.


My father was 6'5 and my husbands family is all short, his mom is only 5'

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My husband and I are both tall with brown hair and he has blue eyes, I have green.  When I was a child I have very blond hair and his was still brown.


When DD was born, she was the spitting image of her daddy, unmistakable stillheart.gif.  She`s 2.5 now and has blond hair with a tendency to curl, and very blue eyes, Her hair may darken but those eyes are for keeps!  She was also long and tall when she was born. She still looks like my husband but she looks more and more like the women on my father`s side of the family and like me.  She also looks like DH`s sisters when they were the same age, which is interesting!!


So, now I wonder about this second little girl on the way.  She could very well have brown hair and the looks of DH`s family - they have a very distinct look from his maternal grandfather`s side.  Honestly, I hope she continues the trend and looks more like my family lol.gif


I also wonder about disposition.  DD is an absolute dream of a child.  From birth she was alert and peaceful, she has always been  very calm, outgoing and happy, she just loves people.  She is very curious and focused and super smart (IMHO lol.gif) and has always understood and accepted when I ask her to do or stop doing something.  She is a joy to take places.  I would love to claim responsibility for this sweet, happy, outgoing, creative, obedient (for lack of a better word) little soul and call it good parenting, haha,  but I do wonder how much is nature vs nurture.  So, it will be so interesting to see who this second little girl will be, given the same environment!


I can't wait :)  Although, I am sad lately to think that my time exclusively with DD is almost over.

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Hmm, interesting thread!


I have olive-y skin and dark brown hair and brown eyes. Dh has pale/pinkish skin and blonde hair and blue eyes.


DD has blue-green eyes and honey blonde hair with fair, pink skin. Obviously, she got dh's coloring, but her features are all mine. People routinely say to us, " She looks like her daddy, but she's got your face!" :)  When I was pregnant with dd, I was fully expecting a little dark-haired, dark eyed person ( all the women in my family are that combo, going back 4+ generations) so I was surprised when this fair little thing came out!


It'll be interesting to see who this new person looks like...if he/she looks like his/her big sister, me, dh, or some other combination thereof.

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I have bright red hair and thousands of freckles.....lol


dh had black hair (bald by the end of highschool)...red in his beard


...both of us are Irish background


both kids blond!!!!   they look exactly like each other - but soooo unlike either one of us...lol


both dh and I want a redhead ;)

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I'm not super-curious about looks, myself.  Pretty much a guarantee for blue eyes- nothing but blue in my own large family, and DH's family only has a couple hazel where they don't have blue.  We're both white as white, so no guessing there (only whether they will burn to a crisp like DH, or have slightly more tanning ability like me).  We have 3 kids with 3 different shade of hair color - DD has medium brown, DS1 has dark brown/almost black, and DS2 has blonde.  DH had blonde hair until he was 5 years old or so, and now he has medium brown hair like my DD has.  I had dark brown/almost black hair like DS1 when I was young, but now I've got medium brown.  Both DH and I have straight hair (though mind was curly until about Kindergarten age), and all our kids have straight hair.  I'm mostly curious whether this baby will have light or dark hair when he's born.  (Assuming he has hair- so far all my kids are born with a healthy amount of hair on their heads!)


I'm more eager about temperament, as was already mentioned.  I'm really, really hoping for a calm, cuddly little boy.  DD and DS2 are both active to the point of being wild, and rarely sit still long enough to be cuddly.  DS1 is sensitive (while simultaneously physically aggressive), and loves to cuddle and give kisses, and often gets extremely frustrated and angry and left-out feeling when DD and DS2 play together the way they do.  I hope DS3 will be best buds with DS1, to even things out a bit, you know?  Also, with a fourth child, I could really use a baby that is very adaptive and forgiving.  ;)

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