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Barnes & Noble Educator Card

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I'm sure most of you seasoned homeschoolers know about this but I thought I'd share anyway.


Last night at Barnes & Noble, I got a free Educator Card which entitles you to a 20% discount on most items in the store. I asked about homeschooling and the woman said it's included. She asked for my homeschooling ID, which I don't know anything about. Don't even know if NJ gives one because we are pretty unregulated.


Anyway, she took my word as honest and let me sign up.  And then I got 20% off the 3 sets of Brain Quest wipe-off cards I bought for my girl.  ♥


Pretty excited because I usually go to B&N to check stuff out and then order it on Amazon for the better price. Last night I checked the price on my phone and it was a better price with the discount at B&N.  Yay!

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Yep, I've had one for a few years now.  Last year they switched from paper to plastic cards and they wanted to see my declaration of intent.  This year they just asked if I was still hs, I said yes but that I didn't have my doi with me.  She said that for renewals they don't need it.  I LOVE getting 20% off.  L O V E it!  Sometimes I want to go to a real store vs online.  It works online but Amazon is hard to beat.



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Yep, the only thing we needed was our homeschooling letter of intent from our district. :)

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I love BN.

You can also get a discount card to Half Price Books. I think its 10% there and no one ever asked me for ID.

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wow you guys are so lucky! Here in the UK we get NOTHING. We don't even have barnes and noble, we actually really don't have that many high street book chains atm (I am a terrible person for saying this, I know I should support my local independent bookstore...but I SO miss being able to go to a huge rambling store, choose a load of random books and drink coffee while pondering the purchase. There is nowhere to do that near me since borders has shut. TBH its just nice to sometimes go and be in an enormous store selling books).


HS'd kids can't play on local teams or anything either. On the plus side we don't have to register, though some choose to, and really, for the majority of HS'ers, your decision to HS is pretty much your own. You might get the occasional visit from the local authority but you have a right to decline that.

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Thanks for the tip!  I had totally forgotten about B&N homeschoolers' discount.

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Thank you for the info! I used to work at B&N years ago and I never encountered anyone asking for an educator's card that was HS. I went into my local B&N today and they said I only need to bring in a sample lesson plan and they will give me one.
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I got the educator's card 5 or 6 years ago. First, it was a bit of a hassle because the town we lived in didn't issue any sort of "approval" letter regarding homeschooling, and that's what they wanted to see at B&N. They finally dropped it and let me have the card.


Only about half of what I deemed "educational" was actually discounted. Seems they only wanted to discount workbooks and such. We were pretty unschooly and didn't use a lot of workbooks. I can understand (sort of) not wanting to discount, say, a Harry Potter book....but I think a book on birdwatching or building a kite is certainly educational.

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