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Career Stuff

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Hi Jamie,


Hope you are well!  After a crazy stressfull spring and discombobulated summer I feel I could use some guidance :)


I feel like I may have been pushing away work due to my stress level with kids and other family things. Things have begun to even out so to speak and it is time to look ahead.  As know I do love my work but struggle with feeling good enough or being afraid that my referral sources are going to "just dry up".  Besides it being my calling the income is a great benefit for my family.  Wondering if you have any advice on how to recharge or draw in new business.  I am planning to continue training and have also considered traveling for a confernce in Nov. but ambivalent becasue of my low numbers currently.  Your advice is always appreciated.


Thank You!

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Hiya! Good to hear from you. If there is one thing I understand, it's crazy ;)


I want to remind you that you are likely to be affected by the economy. It does happen. People freak out and hold tight to their wallets. But it is not a reflection you or your business. Just a friendly reminder.


Now, interestingly enough I want to tell you that I see your business taking a bit of a spiritual turn. I know we've talked a lot about expanding your horizons in regards to what you offer and ways to help. I see this going a bit deeper now. I see you entering the zone of learning more about energy and sharing that with your clients. This does not have to be based in any specific spiritual practice. I know where you lie with your spirituality. :) But it is something to be open minded about and see the possibility of where it can take you.


This book is coming to mind and I think you should check it out. http://www.amazon.com/Hands-Light-Healing-Through-Energy/dp/0553345397


I see energy based ideas infiltrating your work and helping the continued expansion of your career.


Nice to have a question from you. Thank you.

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Thanks Jamie--I always seem to look for how I am to blame.  I ordered the book and take a closer look on how I can integrate this approach, I have always seen healing as a spiritual process.  Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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