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Still there!

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Hey mamas!!!


I didn't come here for a while now and I just wanted to know that I'm still in the club! Baby is moving a LOT, even my partner can feel it already! I'm doing great except for the slight hip and lower back pain, which prevents me from wearing DD most of the time bawling.gif We're still planning an UC and I dreamt twice that I was giving birth while asleep and just woke up for the last push! It would be crazy if it really happened that way!!!


I hope you're all doing well, I'm gonna read a little, I have a lot of catching up to do!!!

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Hello! :) Glad you're doing well. ♥

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glad you're still around! 

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Gad to see you're still here. I feel like I haven't posted much on this board either, it seems like I just don't have much to say about this pregnancy yet, but I'm sure that will change as things progress :)

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