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Midwife near Central Jersey

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Hello all!  I was hoping anyone who has had experiences with midwives in central NJ could share their experiences or recommendations.  I live in Middlesex County and I'm due April 2012 so I know I have time to choose the right provider, but so far I'm a little disappointed in what NJ has to offer.  I would have loved to do a birthing center, but unfortunately there aren't any left in NJ.  Right now I'm most likely considering Princeton Midwifery but disappointed in the fact that Princeton doesn't allow tub births (only laboring in the tub).  I've also heard good things about Louise Aucott as a home birth option but I don't think insurance will cover home birth.

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if you are willing to drive a bit, Lonnie Morris CNM, ND is out of Clifton, NJ. She was recently my midwife (DD born 5-10-11) and I cant say enough wonderful things about her. She catches at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ. The hospital, last I heard, was reinstalling (or in the process of) their birth tubs.


Birth Blessings,

Doula Abby


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