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advice for not circumcising

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My first child was a girl and I did not have to think about whether to circ or not.  Now I am having a boy due Oct 25th.  I am pretty positive we are not circ, but want to know if there is are any special instructions for keeping his penis clean or anything else.  Do I need to be sure to clean it really well every day?  If so..how?  I had four sisters.  My husband is circ.  So this is foreign territory.  Any advice or info would be helpful.  :)

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I guess as I read through the threads on this forum people are talking about yeast infections, UTI's, discharge, etc....are these all things that I need to be aware of if not circ?  So confused....

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Just wash like a finger or toe. Never, ever retract it.

Eventually, the foreskin loosens on its own and you give your little guy the "retract, rinse replace" talk and it takes the three seconds in the shower and has the same motion as masturbation ... so all men can handle that, right?

My son was retractable at age 6 or so. I haven't seen the penis in years... he's 15 now. I assume its still in good shape.
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Like pp said wash like a finger and dont retract and dont allow any one else to do so. There is a thread in the forum somewhere that has several hundred posts that has the title of "Intact and no problems" or something like that.

The reason you are seeing things in this forum about yeast etc is because this forum is one of the best on the internet to find out about the intact penis. As you can imagine not many are going to post a thread just to say "Hey my ds is intact and he dosnt have a problem" lol.gif

If you visit more mainstream sites you will see many posts talking about things wrong with their ds's who have been circed. Many "problems" are not true problems but normal in the development of the intact penis most are caused by Dr's not actually having proper knowledge of the intact penis ie telling you there is a problem when there most certainly is not.

The odds that your ds will have any issues at all are very slight but like with any part of the body male or female the possibility is there for issues.

Your ds would be more likely to have issues with a circ than being intact.
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No, there really are not any special instructions.  All you need to do is gently wipe with a baby wipe during diaper changes and gently rinse the area during bath time (usually just soaking in water is fine).  Do not EVER try to pull back the foreskin or "get inside" the opening, even if a doctor or nurse tells you to do this (some doctors are not aware that the best way to take care of the foreskin is to leave it alone). Manipulating the foreskin is what usually causes short or long-term damage and infections.  When your son is older, he will discover all on his own that the foreskin can be retracted, and as he enters adolescence he should be taught to retract the foreskin and rinse underneath.  Congrats on the new son, they are great!

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MOST intact (uncircumcised) boys have absolutely NO problems. my son sure hasn't. the only special instructions are to make sure that nobody ever retracts him. this especially includes doctors. the only person who should be allowed to handle your son's penis is your son himself. and if he's like most boys, handle it he will. and it will be obvious that the foreskin is his favorite part.



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I've bumped up the "Post here if you've NEVER had a problem..." thread.

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Thank you MyBoysBlue
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You've gotten some great advice. As the pps have said, never retract or let anyone else retract, wipe from base to tip during changes, rinse during baths. Easy.


I've had a few people tell me that circumcised penises are easier to keep clean, but after changing more than a few diapers on a circumcised boy, I'm thinking that's bull. That thing goes and hides inside itself like a turtle during diaper changes. Getting all the poop off it is a nightmare. Also, he's prone to diaper rashes, which spread to his unprotected glans, and that seems so uncomfortable for the poor little guy. DS rarely has diaper rashes, but on the occasions we have had to deal with that, his foreskin got a little red and that was that. No rash on his glans, no screaming when he urinated. He had his foreskin to protect him. And then of course when the circumcision is first done, there's the whole open wound in the diaper thing. As far as I've experienced, intact penises are way easier to care for.

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