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Birth Beads

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Sign up for this bead exchange has closed.




Thirteen of us have expressed interest in exchanging birth beads so far. thumb.gif

Per MDC regulations, I've started a private (invitation-only) google group to discuss the details of the exchange, but this thread can be used to sign up.  To officially sign up, please PM me with your email address or follow THIS LINK to the google group and request an invitation.   Users listed here in red have requested an invite by PMing me or visiting the google group site. 


Once you've joined the google group, please reply to the official sign-up discussion with your MDC user name so I know who has signed up officially. 

More about Birth Beads:  http://www.birthbeads.com/Birthbeads.html 

At the end of the sign-up period, the organizer will post a mailing address, participants will have two weeks to gather beads for the  total number of DDC members who have signed up and send that # of beads to the organizer along with a self-addressed envelope.  Once all participants' beads have been received, the organizer will distribute the beads to individual participants.  PM me with any questions.  smile.gif


Feel free to express interest here by replying to this thread -- I'll add user names to this list and I'll be looking for you at the google site.  Sign-up is open until September 15.smile.gif


Birth Bead Exchange Sign-up


  1. BennyPai (beads here)
  2. Futuremamaheather (beads received)
  3. AveryLamb (beads shipped)
  4. Azadehhast (beads received)
  5. Rustydaisies (RECEIVED)
  6. Mamaecho (beads RECEIVED)
  7. Hillary77 (beads RECEIVED)
  8. SierraBella (beads received)
  9. Czarena (beads received)
  10. Caitlyn0919 (beads shipping soon)
  11. Mayachel (beads RECEIVED)
  12. avp.rsmith (beads received)
  13. sowega (beads RECEIVED)




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Bumping this thread to make sure everyone here has a chance to sign up before the deadline on Thursday, September 15! 

Only 9 days left!


The people listed in red are officially signed up, and I'm waiting for confirmation from those listed in black.  All DDC members are welcome to sign up to exchange birth beads until the deadline, not just those who expressed interest before.  




If you want to sign up but prefer not to join the google group, reply to this thread and I will send you a private message with all of the details.

namaste.gif  Jenny

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I've just purchased a strand of small beads online - there should be plenty for all who sign up.  I chose tourmaline beads because that is the Maine State gemstone:



Tourmaline colors vary, so each bead should be unique.   I'm so excited. .love.gif....I'll post a photo when they arrive.

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Oooh, I like the idea of using the state gemstone. I haven't seen any other South Dakota ladies on here. I might have to copy that idea. The SD state gemstone is Fairburn Agate but our state mineral is rose quartz. Both good ideas...

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Oh.. I hope we get more people signed up!!! I have moonstone beads :)

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My older girls have been settling into school nicely.  I can already feel my creative self re-awakening - can't wait to get started!  And I definitely hope that more members of our December DDC sign up!  I think we have a nice group going so far, though.  wave.gif

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Do they need to be any size in particular?

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Mamaecho -- Great question!

The beads I chose looked pretty small, but I shopped online and I really don't know what 4mm looks like until they arrive...


We're bound to get a variety of sizes, and I think that makes it even more fun to design a necklace/bracelet. 

It's a good idea to wait until we receive all of our beads in October before choosing "filler" beads for our own projects.  Also, the sizes of the holes in the beads tends to vary so it's good to hold off on choosing a particular string/wire/elastic until we know what thickness will fit.  In the past, I've had an interesting time stringing my beads on a string that was too thick...


EVERYONE in the December DDC:  Reminder:  Only 5 more days to sign up for the birth bead exchange.  All are welcome!  Welcome.gif

To sign up, reply to this thread OR send me a PM OR follow the link to the google group in the first post and I'll add your MDC user name to the list and send you all of the details.


P.S.  What has happened to the Welcome smilie???  It looks like it just drank a pot of coffee...

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Just 3 more days to add your name to this birth bead exchange!


My tourmaline beads arrived today. smile.gif   If I have enough, I'll send out two for each person because 4mm turns out to be pretty tiny...


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2 More Days to sign up for the birth bead exchange!

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wave.gif  Today is the LAST day to join the birth bead exchange.  nod.gif


So far, we have 13 participants and plenty of room for more!  We will have two weeks to gather beads before they will need to be shipped to the organizer, so you still have plenty of time to gather beads if you join today.  bikenew.gif

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Sign-up for the birth bead exchange is officially closed.



I've edited the opening post with our final sign-up list.  There are 13 of us.

Each of us needs to gather 13 beads over the next two weeks. 

Ready, Set, GO!!!joy.gif

I'll send more detailed information via PM or the google group.  ...

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The PM & google group messages have been sent, so let me know if you're on the final participant list and you haven't received the details!


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Another bead exchanger has suggested using padded envelopes.  I think that is a great suggestion, so I'm passing it on to those who have not yet mailed beads.

Padded envelopes will ensure that no beads get crushed...

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I've begun to receive beads.  smile.gif

I will update this post as the beads come in.  So far, I've received beads from:

  1. FutureMamaHeather *received
  2. Azadehhast*received
  3. avp.rsmith*received
  4. SierraBella*received
  5. Czarena*received
  6. BennyPai*here
  7. AveryLamb (RECEIVED)
  8. Hillary77 (RECEIVED)
  9. Mayachel (RECEIVED)
  10. Caitlyn0919 (shipping)
  11. sowega (RECEIVED)
  12. Mamaecho: (RECEIVED)
  13. rustydaises:  RECEIVED


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I sent mine 2 days ago.. but you are all the way on the other side of the country, so who knows how long it will take to get to you!

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I am late, I forgot to mail them until yesterday. Monday is a holiday, Post Office says you'll get mine on Tuesday

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Hooray, mine arrived! Hopefully nothing's broken...

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I'm late too...SORRY! I have no good excuse other than pregnancy brain making me easily distracted.

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I just want everyone to know when I receive your beads so you know they're not lost in the mail. ...I'm not pressuring anyone!  Rainbow.gif  This is my first time organizing something like this, but I think it's going very well.  The goal is for us each to receive our beads in time to string a necklace/bracelet/anklet/etc. before we're making last-minute birth preparations, etc.


We're fine on time, I think.  I was hoping to receive the beads by the 15th, and we're still well within that range.  I built in extra time just in case we have some kind of hiccup.  Even if a couple people are behind I think we'll be fine.    thumb.gif

I'll keep updating here just so that everyone knows when I receive the beads, and we can keep track of our progress together.   smile.gif

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