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New mom needs your help

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Hi all, I just gave birth to a beautiful 10lb baby boy 9 days ago, and am really looking forward to using my carriers with him. After doing a bunch of research here and on other sites, we bought a ring sling and an ergo with heart2heart infant insert. But everytime I put him in either one, I feel like his head is rolling around unsupported and it just feels wrong. I've been looking online for some video tutorials, but even the ones that say "newborn" it shows a much older baby with some head control. I feel so housebound, like I can't go anywhere, since I just bought a convertible carseat (no bucket seat) and no stroller.  Can anyone point me to some good video tutorials or share some wisdom? Thanks so much!

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You can try placing a folded burp cloth behind his head in either.  With the ring sling, you actually can put the folded burp cloth on the outside of the top rail and fold the top rail over on top of it, creating a cushion that will help support his head to your chest.  I'll see if I can find a video or picture somewhere.  Also, when you put him in a ring sling, you should make sure the top rail comes up to about his ear before you tighten the top rail.


Here's a link to my favorite ring sling instructions for a newborn tummy2tummy carry: http://www.storchenwiege.co.uk/downloads/storchenwiege_ringsling_anleitung_en.pdf



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Hi Mama ~ please be very careful that your little one's chin does not rest on his chest!  This can cause his airway to be blocked.  :)  Safety is #1!!!


That said, you can use a wash cloth or burp cloth to support his neck or head.  Be sure his head is turned to the side and again the chin does not rest on the chest.  When in either carrier but especially the ring sling, you should always be able to kiss his forehead...this ensures that he is high enough for you to always be aware of his breathing.


In about a week or so he will be able to hold his head up more and it will make things much easier for you!!!!


I hope this helps!


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Agreed with the chin/airway comment. :) We used a Balboa Baby sling around the house and it was ME who needed to get used to it. My baby loved feeling like he was still in the womb. On long walks at that newborn age, I used a Moby Wrap - super-awesome light, supportive, could walk for miles (and did!), healthy for baby's spine, etc. Then at 4 months we switched to Ergo.


I think you'll both get used to it...I've witnessed newborns with ZERO neck control in Ghana, West Africa who were held onto their moms by a piece of cloth, the mamas were dancing *wildly,* babies' heads were bobbing all over the place...and they were just fine. Babies are much less breakable than we think (in the Western world).


Also, know this little helpful tip - when baby cries in the sling, esp at this young age, it's not because he doesn't like it, it's generally because (a) he's hungry, or more likely, (b) he needs to pee. Check into EC if you're interested in learning more. :)


Best wishes and congrats new mama!


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Thanks for all the tips everyone! I'll try them out tonight after my little dude goes into his breastmilk coma. :)

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I'd also recommend a ring sling such as the Mayawrap which is adjustable on the top as well as the bottom, the padded ones aren't. This enables a more secure fit and easier wearing for Mama or Dad! UI used my Mayawrap with my dd from newborn to about 3!

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Hillary, maybe you could give me a hand with it sometime since we live so close? 

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Yes! I will bring mine over this weekend...I will call you tomorrow, lady :)

Also, these first weeks are tough. You won't be able to get everything done and it's a major adjustment having an infant who needs you to hold him all the time. I remember the feeling of "immobilization" as being the hardest thing I experienced - harder than missing out on sleep - when my dd was born 10 years ago. The good news is it really gets better/easier over time, though probably not as quickly as you would like for it to. We'll chat soon, I'm really looking forward to it. -HIllary

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