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Im 39 weeks Monday.  Hoping to get the house cleaned this weekend :)

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Oh I thought of one more:


11) I love the fact that I can park in the expectant mother/small child stall, or circle the parking lot and aim for the closest possible spot and not feel guilty about it.  Ordinarily I make a point of parking further away, taking the stairs, opening the door myself instead of using the automatic doors, or standing instead of sitting, because I believe that every little bit of exercise, no matter how small, can help, and I want my toddler to learn this.  When I'm this pregnant though I feel entitled to take every advantage and it feels good some days!

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I agree totally Smurfy! I am always happy to be able to park in the expectant mothers aisle at church, not only because it's close but also because it's a spot at all! Spots remotely close to the church are hard to come by unless you're very early which I never am. ;)


I am also thankful for the opportunities I've had during these final weeks, to get mentally prepared for birth. I started doing a 21 day meditation course online (Chopra center) and it's been amazing. I thought it would help me get into the right mind space heading into birth but it's done so much more than that. Has really helped me feel much more peaceful about all the changes ahead.

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So I haven't posted anything here because I frankly couldn't think of any reasons I'm glad I'm still pregnant, until today! I have spent every day this last week (since starting maternity leave) in a bikini reading a book in my apartments pool. Here's what makes me glad I'm still pregnant:

1) I LOVE feeling this baby move around and having an excuse to rub my belly.

2) I LOVE that I have endless hours to read and float around in the water (my two most favorite pastimes)

3) but mostly, I LOVE that I can wear this bikini without having to suck it in! Seriously, had a huge omelet before getting in the pool today and couldn't have cared less!

39 weeks on wednesday...whew
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Originally Posted by Mommel View Post

I'm happy I'm still pregnant because:


-My boss gave me extra work that if I complete will give me an extra paycheck!

-I got to spend time with my best old high school friend this week who visited me from the other coast.

-My labor coach and current best friend is still four days away from her arrival back into town.

-It's unusually HOT here and it is supposed to start cooling down again this weekend... I would hate to have to labor in this heat.

-A friend's wedding reception (from her elopement) is this Sunday and if I'm still pregnant I will be able to be there.

-I still have some laundry to do! Baby clothes aren't washed yet and I have yet to put away my own clean clothes.

-I am enjoying watching Mad Men every night on Netflix and reading Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions: A Journal of My Son's First Year as a celebration of my last days without a kiddo when I'll likely not have much time to read more than school books and won't be watching any  television with him around for the first two years (I've decided on no screen time until age two).


My hubs and I have been watching Mad Men every night too!   Good stuff. I also really enjoyed Operating Instructions before my first and recommend it to everyone.  We didn't do screen time with our first for two years but I definitely watched some cheesy tv/movies while he was nursing/sleeping...and read a ton.


I am also happy about..


-feeling him move inside..love that

-spending some QT with my two other boys

-getting some projects done at work so I won't have to think about them on leave

-dates with my hubs..I don't think Grandma will be quite as available for 3 small ones :)




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