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So I'm having some chronic SPD pain. During my first pregnancy I didn't workout and self-induced SPD at 38 weeks when I did the splits. Now I've always been super flexible (like a circus freak) so I just thought it would be funny to do the splits with a big belly. I had a lot of pain for the week following the splits incident but it healed up and was fine one week later. This pregnancy my pubic pain started early (around 26 weeks) but has been relatively mild. Now it hurts after my workouts and the following day. It is more of a chronic thing that I always feel to some degree, sometimes worse than others. I have to be careful when laying in bed b/c it hurts when I shift around. Anyway, my question is how will it impact labor? Will I feel this during my labor? With my first it was just a one week thing and completely healed so it didn't have any impact on labor. I just want to be prepared. I'm still trying to do what I can to stay active and next week I plan to teach a couple Pilates lessons. I just hope this doesn't get worse. My bones click and pop a lot these days thanks to the loosening. Hope this doesn't bench me...
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I'm so sorry you're dealing with that!  I know how much it hurts - I had a pretty bad case in my last pregnancy around 30 weeks, where I could hardly move for a week or two because of the pain.  Luckily, for me, chiropractic helped heal it nearly all the way, so after those couple weeks I was much better off.  This pregnancy, that has been one of my biggest worries - getting SPD again - so I decided to start going to the chiropractor pro-actively to see if I could avoid getting it again altogether.  So far, so good.  I've had little mild twinges for about 10 weeks at this point, but it's never gotten bad.


Anyway, when I've looked it up before, this website was the best resource I came across, for especially how it might impact labor.



The biggest concern would be to pick your birthing positions carefully, and avoid interventions.  You'll find a good amount of information at this site.  And if you're not doing any chiropractic already, I would encourage you to give it a try, if you're able!

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Im glad you posted this, I have been having pretty bad SPD pain for the past month but have held off on talking to my doctor about it for fear that she might tell me it will lead to problems and a need for pain meds...Im high risk due to B/P but am hoping to go natural and so far that plan is still on track.


I find sitting on my birth ball/yoga ball helps A LOT!


I still have a lot of pain at night when rolling around in bed and the other day I swear my pubic bone actually moved of its own accord as I was rolling out of bed...not a fun sensation.

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I think I'm going to try to see a chiropractor. With all that popping and cracking that is going on, I imagine I'm not in good placement. I really started to notice it after my car accident, go figure. Thanks for the tips and link Leiahs!

Yes Dragonfly! That happens to me when I roll from my right to left side in bed. I feel it moving and it feels so wrong!!!
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Sex has become a no-go now at 34 weeks...everything moves instead of just the bed LOL!!

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Originally Posted by DragonflyMom View Post

Sex has become a no-go now at 34 weeks...everything moves instead of just the bed LOL!!

Haha!!  I joke that by the time I get into bed and into some sort of useable position there's no way DH could still be interested as I moan and creak like a 90 yr old woman!

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I had it bad with my first pregnancy - it actually made me second-guess getting pregnant again, I feared going through the weeks of pain again worse than labour!

I've been doing lots of walking, avoiding stairs or standing on one foot as much as possible, and when rolling over in bed I keep my knees together - otherwise I get that horrible shifting bones feeling as well, yuck! I also sleep with my snoogle around me and between my knees, as well as another pillow between my ankles, this helps avoid hip pain.

Last pregnancy I developed sharp pelvic pains around 7.5 months, and I expected it much earlier this time, but I'm 7 months now and it's only kicking in intermittently, particularly this week. I found a nearby chiro trained to work with pregnant women (with a diploma from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association), just need to make an appointment!
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