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Insight into DH next summer job

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Last ? (until next time!)...My DH is very diligently applying for positions in his field for next summer (2012) I am just wondering if you have any insight as to where he may be next summer?

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There is one in particular that he wants the most. And the really fantastic news is that's the one he's going to get. I know he's applying to many b/c that's the smart thing to do, buuut he really has this strong feeling toward one in particular. What I can tell you about it; there seem to be a man and a women involved somehow. In either the hiring process, or the actual job itself...maybe two higher ups. But I'm specifically seeing two people, one male one female. And I actually think the women is very important...perhaps the CEO? This looks like a smaller to mid size company. It is not some huge, everyone is just a number type of company. Much more personal than that. He will be expected and required to work his butt off, I'll tell you that right now. But this will have some long term potential for him with room to grow. I don't think he'll stay with this company forever, but long enough to establish himself as an asset.

I'm hearing something about a commute will be required. But it doesn't feel too far. Maybe 30 minutes or so. Although, I think car pooling or public transportation may be an option.

You know, he's really going to make you proud. :) (that's what I keep hearing) I know he prob. does already, but you watch...he's going to get this great job and do so well. Heck, he'll be proud of himself!


I see this job starting earlier than next summer. In fact I am hearing March or April possibly.  He seems to be on the fast track to living his dreams! Good for him! I don't see that all the time. Most people have no idea where or how to get there. But I get the impression he is focused and determined and doing something he wants to be doing, therefore he is manifesting exactly what he wants all the way!

Good luck to him! He's doing great things!

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OH this is such great news! He has BIG dreams and sometimes I just don't see how they will come true so it is so good to hear he is on the right track...I have told you several times he is a skeptical but he was SO EXCITED for me to share this with him! I can't wait to send you a msg to let you know what/where he will be working! joy.gif

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