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Eliminating sugar

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My chiropractor suggested I eliminate sugar from my diet to see if it helps ease my fibromyalgia pain. She said I could quit it for three weeks and observe my symptoms. I could then gradually add it back into my diet, little by little, to find my tolerance level.

I'm wondering if anyone has eliminated sugar to help with chronic pain and how it worked out for you. By "sugar" does that mean I should not have any breads or pastas? What about fruit? Any other foods with hidden sugars?

I've never been a very conscientious eater- not all junk food, but I just sort of eat whatever I feel like without too much thought. I don't want to get all wrapped up in food but at the same time I really want to try this!

Thanks for the advice
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My daughter gets diarrhea from cane sugar but not from other sugars, not even beet sugar. It is almost impossible to eat out and most processed foods have sugar. You need to start reading labels and more importantly you need to start eating whole foods (if you don't already.) Don't know to what extreme your doctor was talking about. I am guessing you will make great strides if you start reading labels for sugar, dextrose, hfcs, cs, etc.

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Eating too high glycemic causes inflammation and makes the facia (connective tissue) hard and stiff. Sugar of course is the worst, but French fries, white bread are also bad and even too much fruit is not good, (although pineapple is good because of the enzymes). Eliminating grains which are also usually high glycemic, can also help

You might try Google searching "anti- inflammatory" diet. Basically it is lots of vegetables, good quality meats and fish, some fruit but not too much, nuts, dairy but little or no sugar, fried foods or refined carbohydrates. Basically very healthy.


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