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Those are so darn cute. Nice job. What material did you use for the pre-folds? I love diapers too. My 3rd baby I bought the Chinese prefolds then used Mother Ease covers but this time I am crocheting wool soakers along with my mom and mother n law. And wool yarn is not cheap. But I did score finding two real wool sweaters to make some from too. I am so excited.
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Thank you!  They are cotton tshirts or knit on top, one layer of OBF, two layers of bamboo/cotton batting (probably overkill for most newborn/infants, but I have heavy wetters so far) and a last later of OBF by the baby's bum.  I LOVE the OBF... it's the first time I've worked with it and it is the softest material ever!  love.gif  I used indian PFs for the other girls which are great, but these are like luxury prefolds in comparison.  Do you think baby will notice??? Nope.  Haha!  They are just as bulky in the center due to the extra soaker layer, but all over, they are a bit trimmer than a cotton prefold and MUCH easier to fit!

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I love this thread!  So inspiring.


So far I've just got one little thing done--a small changing pad.  I like it because it's cute, all cotton, and thin enough to stick in my purse.  And totally washable.


This is our first girl, so next in the lineup is dresses, and more dresses, lol.

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So excited! I wanted something super comfy and non-restricting to wear during labor so my mama and I made a birthing skirt today. For all of $4 we made this sassy little number. Slits for squatting and all. Sooooooo comfy, had to share.


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Oh I want one!  CUTE!!

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I am so jealous! You ladies are crafty! I started a doll for DD for Christmas and so far that's about it. I have to get a little better at knitting before I tackle a hat (so far I can only knit stitch, no purl-ing at all). I really want to be able to make a pair of booties or something similar before the baby comes. We'll see. Just got a sewing machine so I anticipate diapers in my near future. Those are adorable!

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Mollsworth that is super cute!


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Finished the first of many knitted items the other day.  It's handspun and the pattern is Milo (you can find it on ravelry) with xoxo cables.  Fits my 8 week nephew really well and was super quick!


knits (2 of 7)

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OMG that is adorable!!

Originally Posted by Everlong753 View Post

Finished the first of many knitted items the other day.  It's handspun and the pattern is Milo (you can find it on ravelry) with xoxo cables.  Fits my 8 week nephew really well and was super quick!




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you ladies are so talented! i love all the little woolens. i have crocheted one baby hat so far. i am in a christmas crafting frenzy atm, but after the holidays i plan to sew all kinds of baby things. does anyone have a link to an easy crochet longies/soaker pattern? i am dying to make some for my girls. i spin yarn and have tons, so i need to get crafty with it. :)

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That tank is SUPER cute! I have got to get some cone yarn so that I can try the knitting machine that I inherited. It came with all sorts of pattern cards and what not, and I feel bad that it has been sitting there. I've heard they're really easy once you get the hang of it, so I'd at least like to make a baby blanket. My goal is to actually get some apparel done with the machine by next year. I've got all of the projects my grandma was working on when she passed, but unfortunately it has been so long that the skeins she had were toast.
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I'm going to attempt to finish the blanket I got started for my nephew's shower. Everyone signed the yellow broadcloth I got for the back, and the front is a couple of really cute patterns. It is simple...but it got stashed on a high shelf and I couldn't find it for a long time. Then my loving husband did it again. So, between that and me being less mobile, it just hasn't gotten done. It is seriously late...by oh, about a year. At least it is big, so it'll still be perfectly useable for awhile now. I'll probably wrap it up for Christmas and make him something else to go with it. Maybe a taggy blanket? DD wants to help design something, and a taggy might be good.

I'm also going to task DH with getting the terrarium glass washed, and he needs to figure out how much of the aquarium rocks, charcoal, and soil we need so he can pick them up from the store. Then we'll go plant shopping after that is taken care of. I need to figure out where to store that many terrariums, though...hmm. Especially since bright, indirect light is scarce in this house.
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Jillian, I saw this super easy, cute blankie on Pinterest. Maybe something DD could help you with?


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Thanks. smile.gif I like the edging on that. My sister got our Mom a Kindle, so I'm making her a couple cases for it. One is white eyelet, and the lining is a champagne satin that I used to make the flower girl dress for my niece when she was in our wedding. The other I'm making out of a black fabric with little white polka dots, and a pink flannel lining. I might put a pocket on the black and pink cover. I just need to get some ribbon, and possibly some felt or batting for lining if I don't already have enough. I'm using this pattern, but scaled up a little for the Kindle Touch:


(I'm also not bothering with the iron-on vinyl.)
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Wow you all are so crafty. I have not posted as I was still gathering my info and supplies for wool soakers using soft real wool sweater and yarn to crochet. My mom just came for a week and we crocheted two soakers three hats they turned out so cute.

Plus I have been working on solstice gifts for my older girls. Out of old shelving I built two wardrobe closets for their Bitty baby and American girl doll clothes. I can't wait to give these. I covered each one with fabric that I picked out to fit each girl and even covered the shelves too. Added a dowl rod and ordered little hangers. So fun!!!!
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I found some I think I'm go1.5" grosgrain for the cases at Hobby Lobby. It wasn't an exact match, but they ribbon was 50% off! Not bad to spend $4.28 (plus supplies I already had) for two Kindle cases. I have plenty of the black polka dot and pink flannel, so I think I will make a purse to match. I'm thinking I'll trace DD's hand and applique it onto the black polka dot for the outside of the purse. This pattern looks super easy, too. I should make Mom more purses. She likes to show them off and tell people that I made them, but I just haven't in a few years. smile.gif

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I made this top the other day.  It was 20 pieces and not originally a maternity top, but it was worth it.  It's super comfy~

31.5 (2 of 9).jpg


31.5 (3 of 9).jpg

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cute top, that neckline/yoke looks crazy complex!

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A sign I made for my SIL who had her 1st in December.  Thinking I need one too, for the UPS guy etc.  I hate when they knock really loud and walk away!



Got some new cloth wipes made for the baby, figured he could use some new soft ones.  The ones we have used with DD for over 2 years are still holding up, but not so soft anymore. 



And finished re-upholstering the platform rocker that will go in the nursery (when it is ready,...someday)

rocker turned.jpg


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sh118- wow that is some major craftiness! Love the chair, so impressive. 

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