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Soft Dolls

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My 1 year old loves baby dolls.  My older DD was never into them and thus all we really have are the cheap dolls from Target with the hard face and arms and feet.  She wants to sleep with the doll but I feel like those hard pcs keep her awake and she really wants to snuggle with it.  We do have one total cloth doll and she isn't interested.  Does anyone know of any dolls that aren't made of total cloth but are still soft and snuggle-able?

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This is the only I got my ds ages ago.  He LOVES him, and sleeps with him every night.


I know its all cloth, which you didn't want, but its a great doll. 


ETA - they have different ones, this is the boy one that I got my ds, but there are girl ones too.

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We got this doll for DD when she was a little baby and she loves it!
It's very soft and huggable.
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Its all cloth, but DS1 loves this. We got him a 'boy' doll before DS2 was born. it goes on sale pretty often, but I paid $15 or $16. Really well made, cloth diaper and has withstood DS1 giving it a bath in our bathroom sink eyesroll.gif


Edit to add link. Oops


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Thanks!  I ended up getting Baby Stella and it is going over well so far.  She seems to like it!

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