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2 different sized breasts :(

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and i am self conscoius about them. :( i dont even want my dh to see me without a bra on anymore. the left was always a tiny bit bigger than the right but now it is like 2 cup size different. i try to get lo to only nurse on the smaller side to see if i can even it out. i drink mothers milk tea too. but it seems to get worse the longer i bf. i am not looking to stop. dis anybody else have any luck evening oout there girls by only nursing on the smaller one???

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My already uneven breast got moreso when I was nursing.  I made sure to nurse on the bigger side more and all that, but ultimately, they were just different sizes.  Now that my daughter hasn't nursed in a while (she's 5, stopped right before her 4th birthday) they look more even, though one is still bigger than the other.  When it was particularly bad, I stuck an extra cloth nursing pad in the smaller side. lol.gif That helped a bit. I also used nursing tanks instead of bras with cups because one side fit one cup size and the other didn't.  That seemed to lessen how it looked, to me at least.  


Mostly, I think it is normal.  If they are both producing milk and everything is working, that's the important part.  I know it is surprising and well, weird feeling to have them not the same though. hug.gif

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My left breast has always been at least a cup size bigger than my right, and it gets worse when I'm nursing. I've just learned to embrace it as one of those things. shy.gif

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so no one has tried to even them out with selective nursing?

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I have hope. I nursed ds for 4 years dd for 2 on only one breast. My breasts were at least 2 cup sizes different and I wore a pad in my bra for the smaller one ds is 8 and dd is 5 now and my breasts are not noticeably different sizes. They are great actually. 

I never had luck getting the little one to produce.

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Mine are slightly different sizes when not nursing, but I have one I call 'super boob', because it produces so much more and the flow is quicker too.  I  actually try to nurse on the other one more to increase the supply, but it slowly produces less and less.  When DD1 was nursing less frequently (and my milk supply dried up), DH said they were pretty much even again.



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that makes me feel better. the one does seem to produce more but not by much. i think it is bc it was thhe go to boob while naking. lol. so i nursed on it way more than the other. and now i am trying to make up for it.

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so i have been using the smaller one 5 times in a row and then the other one the 6th. i use the smaller one all night long. they are almost the same size now. the first couple of days the bigger one felt engorged but it calmed down. when i look in the mirror now the almost look the same. i feel so much better about them. when i put on a bra, they look the same instead of the right one having a nifty cell phone pocket on the top. now i cant fit it in there. lol. have to start carrying it in my purse again.

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lol thats great mama

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