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2 days ago I felt my insides move, it was weird and it felt like the baby rolling around even though I know there is no way I could feel that yet. That night I noticed my cervix had moved way up, almost too high to find. I had to take 2 hot baths to settle my shivering that night.


Yesterday I felt a surge of energy. My whole body felt alive and tingly. My mind was going a million miles a minute. It was a little like being jacked up on 2 Starbucks frappuccinos. I was hot, hot, hot all day.


Today I am exhausted. I've been freezing all day, even though I've been out and about in Florida August weather. I've missed turns, forgotten how to cook, and can't seem to remember anything.


Was that a hormone surge or what?


Anybody know when hormone surges commonly hit? You would think I would know this since this is the 3rd time around.