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hospitals in columbus ohio?

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i want a natural birth. This will of course be a vbac since i had a c-section with my first. i want to be able to move freely about and do my own thing while in labor such as shower, labor in a tub, walk, and so on.. what docs support this and what hospitals will allow this in columbus ohio??

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Not 100% positive, but I think St. Anne's is the only one that has water VBAC's.  Join Central Ohio ICAN Yahoogroup and they can give you the information that you are looking for.


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Women's Contemporary Health Care in Westerville is the most natural-friendly place around.  I think you have to see a doc vs a midwife, but I know there's one there who does VBACs.  I don't know him because he was hired on after I birthed, but I've heard good things and have only the best to say about the rest of the office. 


St. Anne's and Grant both have tubs, but I don't know their policies.  WCH midwives do waterbirths at St. Anne's. They're the only practice in Cols to offer them. 

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