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Hi, everyone!


Just a quick note to let you know that there is now a Social Group option on MDC for all the DDCs.  It looks a lot like the forum that you're used to, but it's a group instead that has a leader (one of you) rather than a general moderator (me), and the big benefit is that it can continue on long after everyone's had their babies!  All new DDCs will be Social Groups going forward, and we are inviting existing DDCs to switch over.


Here's a post from Cynthia Mosher about it if you'd like to know more.  If you decide you want to get a group going, you can comment to the thread linked below to let us know who your leader is (the group cannot be started without a leader).



Hi everyone! 


We have a new feature that allows forum members to create "clubs" of their own that have many of the same benefits of a forum, including multiple threads, a member's list, and group messaging. All [DDCs] are invited to switch to the new Social Groups. You can read more about it hereLet me know if you have any questions but please post to that thread so I can keep everything in one place. smile.gif