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Tiny pads?

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I'm looking for product recommendations. This has probably been discussed, but I failed my search attempts. I'm trying to put together a menarche kit for dd10. I want to find her some cool, special mama pads...but even the minis I've found would be hugely uncomfortable for her, since they're just as wide as anything else. She's incredibly petite. She's like 4' 10", but is so fine boned and thin that she can still fit 5t items (she has a pair of 5t pants she wears as shorts!). She needs a pad that's like half as wide (well, like 1.5 inches instead of 2.5) and no more than 3/4 as long (7" would be perfect, but the 8" minis run would do) as normal. Does this exist? Or am I going to have to special order them?


Of course, ideally, made from organic cloth...and it would be great to support a wahm or smaller business...but really, just something that will fit dd's body type at ALL would be great! lol

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Always sells those little panty liners that do hold more than they would seem. That might work unless she has a very heavy flow. Of course, not organic or part of a small business but that's all I personally know of as an option. I'm surprised a girl so tiny has started at 10.


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Do you mean cloth or disposable?

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1) she hasn't started yet, but it's coming soon. That's why I'm getting the kit ready. She started developing physically, and puberty tends to come on very young in my family. We are all tiny like that when we're young, and all have hormonal imbalances. Maybe I'll luck out and she'll take after her dad's side of the family more on this...but I'm not counting on it.


2) thanks for the tip on the panty liners. Those are a good idea to have as back ups even if I CAN find something more "ideal". lol


3) I did mean cloth, mostly. lol She's our family footprint watchdog and it will really bug her to use paper products long term. She's been trying to convince us for years to move away from toilet paper, even.

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I'm pretty sure lunapads makes a smaller (and skinnier!) pad.


ooops... my bad - i checked their site and it seems like they are all the same width.


Their lunapanties are pretty awesome though.  I wonder if those might fit the bill?

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I found these ones that measure 6' by 2'.  They might work.



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New Moon Pads will make customs, and these http://www.partypantspads.com/shop/pads/small-pad are very small and there are some in the sale section (I bought one for my own daughter's starting stash).

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Thank you both for the recommendations. They're both excellent. It looks like the party in my pants ones even have a simple optional feature to make them thinner, too. I knew if anyone was making what I was looking for, someone on this board would know where to find it! =D You're all wonderful. Thanks for the help!

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