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Cora Ann is here!

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She's 7 pounds, 15 ounces and 19.5" long.  She ended up being about 2 weeks overdue and you can tell, she didn't have any vernix and has lots of peely skin.  She's beautiful and healthy :)

We planned a homebirth for our second baby girl and we labored at home for about 12 hours before finding out that she was breech during transition.  We had to drive to the hospital, about 15 minutes away, and have an emergency c-section because we didn't know her position or size and the dr. was concerend about me being only 5'.   The midwife believes that she flipped during labor but as we thought about it, we think she was probably breech for quite awhile. 

I left the hospital after 24 hours because I was feeling pretty good and preferred to recover at home.  I'm doing pretty good, it's mostly just the incision site that is bothering me.  They gave me some hydrocodone which I have yet to use and since today was supposed to be the worst, I don't think *fingers crossed* I won't need to take it. 

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Congrats! Welcome, baby Cora!!


Sorry about the surprise breech and emergency section, but man, it sounds like you are recovering really well.  I needed percocet around the clock for over a week, and barely felt ready to leave the hospital on day 4!  You are a superstar!

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Congratulations! Cora is a beautiful name. Enjoy your baby moon!!

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Welcome Cora!  Oh, I really love her name!!  love.gif  Glad your recovery is going well.  Looking fwd to seeing pics of the little miss as soon as you get around to it!  Congratulations!

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So glad to hear that you're feeling okay!  I know with CS that pain can be such a burden on poor mama...  It's wonderful that you've been able to avoid that!!


And BIG congrats on little Cora!!

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Congratulations Mama, and I think you sound like you are recovery really well. I was on percocet until my staples came out on day 6, so going home after only 24 hours and not taking the painkillers sounds like you are doing great. Love the name Cora Ann too.

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Congratulations and welcome baby Cora to the world!!!!  Hope you heal very quickly and enjoy your little one.

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Sorry about the emergency c-section. I ended up with one as well. You must be one strong mama and recovering beautifully. I stayed at the hospital over 72 hrs - and I still needed drugs when I got home!
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Thanks for all the support!  My recovery is going ok, although I'm sorry to hear that others haven't had it so smooth :(  My recovery is getting a little more emotional now; I really think she was breech the whole time and the midwife missed it.  My family really wasn't behind the whole homebirth thing to begin with and now I'm trying to answer all their questions, and lots of my own!  In some ways (lots), I'm even more supportive of homebirth because our emergency plan went just as planned and the baby wasn't in distress at all.  And the hospital was so pushy about everything and, I feel, unnecessarily separated the baby and I.  Plus, we don't have insurance so I am terrified to see the bill.  On the other hand, with a single midwife monitoring your care I think there's larger room for error.  I think it's entirely possible that all this was avoidable.  We are also thanking God that she didn't break my water like she was trying to do once I was fully dilated.  My cervix was still really posterior and the baby was floating a bit so she couldn't reach to break the water.  So, while everything turned out in the end, this could have been a pretty bad situation.  The baby is great though!  She's a very strong nurser but has her latch a bit off so we are trying to break that habit before I have no nipples!


Southern Stormy: I read your announcement and was sorry to hear about it.  I hope you are recovering nicely, now. 

Lynann:  You are planning a VBAC, right?

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Congratulations and welcome, Cora Ann!

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