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Oak Meadow

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Has anyone used this for the lower grades (like 1st-4th)?  What were your thoughts and what grade did you use?  Does anyone know why it isn't considered "Waldorf"?



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I haven't used it myself though I've often considered it.  It's not considered Waldorf because it follows the usual state educational standards for what is taught in each grade level.  That's a lot of academic stuff at a much younger age than it would be covered in Waldorf, and in a VERY different approach.


Basically, it's a traditional curriculum with some Waldorf influences.  Not the other way around.  That's not necessarily a BAD thing, of course.  Just good to know, depending on which aspects of Waldorf are most important (or least important) to someone considering the program.

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Thanks so much for that link!

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I am thinking this might be a good curriculum choice for us but I wanted to ask if you ever got it and what you thought personally? I have 3 children but my oldest is only 6. Also does anyone know who won? I saw they were giving away a Curriculum on Mothering....

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I'm curious about this too. We just attended our first HS picnic as my son starts K next week and a friend suggested Oak Meadow but when I suggested it to our "teacher" (he's going to a hs charter here in CA, so he'll be in "class" twice a week for a few hours) she said it wasn't her favorite and because it isn't as challenging as she thinks it should be, that if we did Oak Meadow we should supplement it so our son doesn't fall behind standards. Not to hijack, but thoughts?


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Hmm.. Erinz that is the opposite of what I have been hearing/reading. I even chatted with OM yesterday and they teach letters and numbers in K (which I guess upsets some waldorf purists) and they design their curriculum to keep up with PS standards. But maybe this Charter is a little advanced so that is why OM could be behind to them? I have no real experince with it though as I am still shopping. If I went straight off of reviews Enki has the best reviews. OM has some lovers and some haters (biggest complaint is its boring) I liked the Little Acorn site and will be supplementing with that, it is very Waldorfy craft learning which my kids love daily. But I really want to meet my 6 year olds needs for being challenged more academically.

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Thank you for that. I also find myself circling back to Enki, I'm really adjusting to the (exciting) idea that I get to pick his curriculum. I was traditionally schooled so all of this is very new to me.

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I was traditionally schooled too. I also find this so exciting and sometimes a little confusing but I gather it takes a little while to find your Rythm :)

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I have the G 3 OM Curric. I think for k, 1, and 2, it is a little "light" on standards, but looks like it is pretty well right on starting in 3 and going up. I think it would be a marvelous resource for anybody starting their first year hsing. You can always add more math, some science readers, sotw or the like if you felt it was not challenging enough for your lo. The tips on teaching math holistically are great and the writing prompts, too.
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