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So, I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen veg on my belly...today's ultrasound showed we're still breech at 32 wks.  Her sister didn't turn until 35 or 36 weeks...but....yeah, I'm worrying about it already.  Especially because they said she was measuring a little large.  I want her to have room to turn!

Anyone else?  What are you going to try?

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Our baby was breech at our last appt. two weeks ago, after being head-down previously. I've been doing inversions (look at the spinning babies website) and taking homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C in addition to visualizing the baby head-down and massaging it/encouraging it to turn. From what I've read, doing a breech tilt (elevating hips higher than your head) is also good, as is drinking tons of fluids so that baby has plenty of room to turn. Acupuncture with moxibustion is supposed to work best around 34 weeks, and there is always chiropractic too.


We have another appt. tomorrow, so we'll see if baby has flipped! If not, I'll get a bit more serious with the turning measures!

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I'm getting worried b/c for the life of me I can't tell where this baby is. Last night I felt something super hard up top... could be the butt too, right? I have an appt the Tuesday after Labor Day so going to ask MW where the baby is and have her give me a brush-up on how the heck to feel what is what. Both my others were head down and you could tell.... I could feel the head. I wish I could figure this out b/c I am starting to feel a little nervous about it. Sigh. I will try to stay relaxed about it until I have my next appt (33 weeks).



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At my last appointment (32 weeks) this little guy was transverse. The doc didn't seem at all phased, but I was much more concerned about transverse than about breech position (according to everything I've read, the odds of the baby flipping are much better with breech). I started doing inversions daily, and I think he flipped after about a week. I have another appointment on Tuesday and I'm curious to find out if he is head down now. I've felt a fair bit of pressure in my pelvic area, so I'm fairly optimistic. 

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Both of mine were breech (confirmed by u/s) until 30-34 weeks, and then turned head down. I think that's relatively normal? (Not sure.) DS stayed there; we'll see about this one, but he doesn't have much room left to move, so it would be strange for him to flip back at this point.


I don't know if this was a factor, but I drink a ton of ice water in general, and it's my absolute favourite thing when pregnant. Both pregnancies, the baby moves like crazy when my stomach is full of icy liquid. Again, I have no idea if this is true, but I suspect it may have encouraged them slightly to decide that they'd rather freeze their bums than their heads. I also spend time on hands and knees stretching (great for my back, I find) and this pregnancy I am swimming a lot, which I do for exercise and because I love it, but I also understand it encourages the babe to be in a good position. Last week, the babe was wedged in in a way that did not feel right (very uncomfortably up in my ribs/lungs), but I went for a swim that night and after an hour of front crawl, he was back in a more comfortable position.

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At my last midwife appointment on Tuesday (31 weeks) she couldn't really tell where he was. She wasn't too worried about it, said she doesn't get concerned until about 35 weeks. I'm worried about him being breech or transverse though. Where do you put the frozen veggies on your belly to get him head down? Can't hurt, right? lol

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Originally Posted by cbeclipse View Post

At my last midwife appointment on Tuesday (31 weeks) she couldn't really tell where he was. She wasn't too worried about it, said she doesn't get concerned until about 35 weeks. I'm worried about him being breech or transverse though. Where do you put the frozen veggies on your belly to get him head down? Can't hurt, right? lol

Haha, exactly my thinking!  If you put it at the top of your belly the baby will try and get their head/chest away from the cold and flip down.  She definitely didn't like the cold and started moving and squirming almost immediately when I put it on.  I felt some big movements but I don't think she turned all the way.  I'm going to try again tonight (when she is most awake) and add a flashlight at the bottom of the belly - attracted by light + moving away from cold...maybe it will work...poor little baby will be confused lol.gif

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My babe is also breech at 34 weeks. I have done some inversions from the spinning babies site, as well as some somersaults in a swimming pool. I keep thinking that I am still feeling her head under my left ribs, but maybe I am wrong. I am having a heck of a time palpating because I also have an anterior placenta :/

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My doctor told me at my appt Thursday (31w5d) that she thought my little one might be breech. I feel like s/he has moved since then, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how exactly she is positioned. I have a lump under my ribs on the right, and feel kicks/punches everywhere else...pretty sure baby is actually an octopus. I'll be seeing a chiropractor (trained in Webster) starting Monday (was planning to do so anyway) and am reading spinning babies. Doc plans to check position at my next visit via u/s if baby still feels breech to her. I may be trying the frozen veggie trick soon.
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My little guy is breech right now too. My doctor is a little concerned about the size of his head as well (my other two kids had rather large heads too) so we're going for a biophysical profile in a couple weeks.

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somehow that flashlight idea keeps half cracking me up...

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My first was breech till 36.

This one was vertex, flipped to transverse at some point (definitely was at 32 weeks), then flipped back to vertex by 34. I don't think he's turned again since. Not that it matters because i will probably not go into labor before I need to deliver... but if I did, I don't want an emergency CS!

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I'm getting really tired of the feet tap dancing on my cervix.  Baby and I have another date with the frozen veg and flashlight tonight!!

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with dd1 I was transverse for a while (this one seems to like sideways at 34 weeks too), then breech at 35 and then sometime after that turned to head down.  The docs thought breech through palpation...then I did my own internal exam in the shower (sometime around 36-37 weeks?) and felt what was very round and hard.  Ultrasound then confirmed head down.


Check out http://spinningbabies.com/baby-positions/belly-mapping


 I've also read that moxibustion (sp?) is one of the most successful evidence-based ways of turning a breech baby.

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My doctor thinks this baby is breech from palpating, but I have an anterior placent which apparantly can make it harder to tell. I've tried belly mapping, but the movements up high seem to match the lower ones, so it's hard to tell. The big bump on the left of my belly could be head or bum, sigh.

I'm seeing a chiro trained in Webster technique (to make sure the base of the uterus is relaxed enough for baby to turn down there I believe) next Friday. I don't want to do inversions until I'm sure of baby's position.
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Had my 35 week appointment this morning, and little dude is breech. eyesroll.gif Oh well. I read somewhere that only 4 % of babies stay breech right up until birth, so I am not going to worry about it too much just yet. I would really really like to avoid a c-section, but frankly, giving birth vaginally to a breech babe scares me something awful. I've read one too many horror stories. 

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*waves* so glad to see this thread!  I saw the MW last night, and she suggested an ultrasound just to confirm he's head down.  She wasn't certain and she generally is opposed to U/S.  Hoping for the best!

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I had my 33 week appt. over the weekend and my baby has turned vertex! The little one was breech at 31 weeks, so I'm hoping he/she stays head down from now on. If it was still breech then I was going to take more proactive measures like getting acupuncture with moxibustion and going to the chiropractor. I might even have ended up trying to do handstands in a swimming pool. As it is, baby either flipped all on its own, or liked the homeopathy, inversions, cat/cow postures, or all the walking around on hands and knees that I did in the those two weeks.


From what I've read, trying to get them to flip before 37 weeks is a good idea, since as time goes by they just get bigger and there is less room for turning. There are so many things you can do that are non-invasive and many of them are free and not too time-consuming, it makes sense to try them out!

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Had an appointment yesterday at 32 wks and my doctor wasn't concerned yet - she said she would check at 36 weeks, including an internal exam if need be, to make sure.  And if she can't tell she will send me for another ultrasound (I have an anterior placenta, so it's hard to palpate sometimes)


I am feeling more relaxed about it because last night it was very clear that she was head down again - there were definite kicks up high.  So, either she will settle there or at least has the room left to flip back and forth for awhile yet.  If she settles back into what feels like breech again in the next few weeks I will go back to the frozen veg etc ;)

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DH was feeling where the doctor thinks the head is, and said "that's too pointy to be a head" - so hopefully it's actually the bum and a heel he was feeling up top smile.gif We'll see what the doc says tomorrow morning!
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