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What are your favorite WAHM diapers?

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I'm just discovering the world of WAHM diapers! I've been the biggest CD junkie for the first 14 months of dd's life (and before she was born) and I thought I knew everything out there. I mean, I knew there were some WAHM things, but I never knew what to buy and I guess I thought I should for some stupid, unknown reason stick with those trusted, sometimes made in China brands! I found loveybums and a few others recently, and I just cannot get over the amazing QUALITY! You can't beat it!

So I want to know more! I need to know more! What are your favorites? I use a little of everything so I'm open to whatever types of diapers.
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Becca Bottoms are great. They are on Hyena Cart. She has side snapping fitteds and AIOs (with a snap-in soaker) She even does custom orders... YOU get to pick the colors/patterns! It's addictive lol. 

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Preston's Pants.  Hands down my favorite diaper WAHM or commercial.  (I have A LOT of these, I'll stop here lol) 


208654_10150265467997678_608592677_9374963_728038_n.jpg2011-08-11 13.14.38.jpg


So far I've had good luck with my Mighty Diaper.  It's AI2, so it's not my favorite, I'm more of a pockets kinda girl, but it hasn't leaked yet! And it's hard for DD to get off.  She made the whole outfit, you can kinda see the diaper under there.  



I like my Licorice Lane, great fabrics, but the pocket is really narrow to stuff.  Smaller hands wouldn't have a problem with it.  The Jack Skellington is my nephew's.  :)  


I've got 2 cowpatties cloth diapers.  I should have stopped after one.  The fabric is great, but they're too wide in the crotch for my girl. 



Chunky Monkey products  This is the biggest diaper I've ever seen! It's got an awkward fit, but I think it might work well for night time for us.  

296085_10150404600957678_608592677_10756939_8252354_n (1).jpg


There are quite a few I've been lusting after too.  They can all be found on Facebook, and most on Hyena cart.  


Rumpsack- OS diapers that snap down in the back instead of the front! 

Bohemian Baby Couture-- OMGosh matching T shirts, custom orders Amazing stuff for a totally reasonable price $24 for the diaper and a shirt! 

Boogabutt diapers

Plump diapers

Two Hip Peas in a Pod

AND OMG Devine Tush--- So so beautiful.  Her diapers are like works of art, but so expensive $40 for a custom and $50 for One of a Kind.  + $9 shipping! 






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Amanda, great pics that sugar skull diaper is awesome! And what a cutie!   I can't wait to look at those brands. I love learning about new brands.


I recently got a diaper from Boom Boom bums and it is awesome. Its my new favorite. She's just starting out but this is one of the best diapers I've ever seen http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boom-Boom-Bums/128502257239972 plus its cute! I love Elvis ;)





I also really like teh diapers from Oh Sew Green http://www.facebook.com/pages/Oh-sew-green/190611850974031 She does awesome customs like this red sox one I got


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Bump! I'd love to see more :D 


Here's a Pot Bellied Pig designs, I don't know if she's still making diapers or not.  




Another Preston's Pants! 



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