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I am asking this just for curiosity purposes.  I'm not worried or concerned at all.  But I was just wondering if any of you noticed if your supply was at all related to breast changes while pregnant?


With my first I managed to inflate from an A cup to a D cup.  I was sore and swollen... I can honestly say it was *the worst* part of that pregnancy.  I ended up having a brutal over supply which took me a long time to figure out.  Really just from inexperience, if it wasn't my first I would have gotten a handle on it sooner.  


With my second I never noticed anything much at all.  I figured this was because he was my second and all was well.  I had no issues nursing him.. although he was 10 pounds and likely did eat more than #1 who was only slightly above 8.  He never lost an ounce of weight between birth and his first check up.  Dude liked his meals.  :)


This time around I am back to swelling and soreness.  I know how to manage the over supply now so, like I said, I'm not nervous.  More INTERESTED.  :)