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Oh we deal with the VA and let me tell you they CAN, they have been told to pick it up already.  They've left paperwork in their desks for months at a time that they could have turned in.  If it were me... I'd march my happy butt right in there and demand that they do their job or call every day.  They do get sick of it because they have to address your concerns.  I threatened to let DH loose once in the Mental health office if they didnt' stop BSing and give him his meds.  He got his meds. 


I know, one more thing to worry about, but just so you know there are certain states that bend over backwards for Vets.  I'm a veteran myself and I know there are groups out there that can help you guys. 


There are lots of us out there and the best thing to do is reach out because 9 times out of 10 someone will reach back.  I've learned so much about the systems since I've been out just by asking others.

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Colorado - great doctors, lots of paperwork hassle.

Connecticut - OK doctors, great advocates

Mass - good doctors, good hospital

Washington - shitty doctors, great hospital

Florida - shitty doctors, great hospital, not sure about advocates yet

Those are the states we've been in so far.

Believe me I've called... and called... it's the fact that we keep moving around so much that EVERY, TIME, we move they start you over with another team. I barely get progress out of one group when we transfer and have to start over. Headdesk. That's why, hopefully before we move this last time, the 100% will go through and once you're 100% they'll process you much more quickly than the average veteran getting set up. For 70% the primary care doctor alone is like a 2 year waiting list. If you're 100% they get you in like immediately.

It's similar with getting EI for our son (who also has/had special needs... haven't even worried about that much lately as he's made so much progress, but lately I've realized we still have to get stuff for him, too... Life is fun! smile.gif
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This is just one storm girl, hoping for a peaceful rest of the year for you. 

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I just wanted to send you hugs. i couldnt read and not respond my heart goes out to you and your family. big hugs

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I just wanted to say hang in there also - you love this man and he loves you and your family is together. That's no small thing in this world. You'll get through these hard times. 


And I know typing back and forth to a bunch of "random" people on the internet definitely isn't the same as having a close friend or two to just go grab coffee with, but it's a start. People will be there for you and care and let you vent or be "normal" here. 

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