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Q # 1: Career

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Hello Jamie.

I am wonder if you could give me a direction/ guidance in what I should be doing as a career?

Thank you so much.

Love and light. <3


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Hi. I got to thinking about my question and would like to clairify a bit.

Currently, I am a massage therapist and the reason for the question is because I know I will be unable to do this line of work very long as it is hard on my body.

So, I was wanting to know which direction I should go towards my next phase of employment? :)

Thank you Jamie.

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I see you as a Spiritual guidance counselor of sorts.I think you will move away from the physical work to more energy work and Spiritual work. You are already on your way as you are seeking your own truths right now. You will actually do something similar to me. Not necessarily "psychic" work, but if you look at my website: www.IntuitiveEncounters.com, you will see I do much more. I am actually an Intuitive Counselor, which is along the lines of what I'm seeing for you.


Let your inner healer shine. It doesn't only work in a "tangible" way such as massage. You can live your true values and let them be your life's work as well and be successful at it!

Good luck with all endeavors!

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